March 19, 2007


My good friend and neighbor Ceci asks me for gardening advice from time to time. as well as other neighbors, and suggested that I have a question and answer feature on my blog. Thanks, Ceci . I'm taking your advice and using your inquiry as the very first.

Here is her question : I received potted bulbs as gifts in December which were beautiful in bloom, but now that they're gone can I plant them outside ?

My answer : Some expert will tell you to put them in a mesh bag and store them until Fall and then plant them. But I beg to differ. I think that the bulbs like to be in the ground where they belong. Of course, all their energy went into producing their beautiful blooms , so I put a little bone meal or bulb food in the hole when I plant. Leave any foilage remaining intact. I've experimented with planting them as soon as the ground is tillable. Sometimes they bloom the following season and sometimes it takes two .

When Chicago Tribune Garden writer Beth Botts started her garden blog last week she was inundated with questions from readers and couldn't possible work it in with her hectic schedule so she reached out to the Chicago gardening community for help. I've contributed to some of the questions and now I'll be doing my own. I look forward to hearing from fellow Chicago gardeners.

Just click on the "Ask Carolyn " icon above this post to leave a question.

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  1. Hey Carolyn,

    That's pretty cool. I used to have a chat box for questions but removed it when I started running out of space in the sidebar. It's a neat feature to have.


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