April 25, 2007


Acer Shirasawanum , 'Autumn Moon ', a specimen
most prized in my garden , gets special attention
because it is a newly planted tree.

Where are those April showers when you need them ? It's been the driest April on record. How many more records are we going to break this year ?

SO, water your garden, Chicago gardeners, if we don't get the rain we need this week because it is vitally important for the emerging plants, trees and shrubs. Newly planted trees and shrubs need special attention for the first two seasons to help get them off to a good start. Soak them thoroughly once or twice a week. And please, don't hand water your garden with a hose. It's the worse thing you could do. It's fine to use hand watering to keep newly planted annuals, grass seeds or perennials moist , but other than that, it's not a good idea . Shallow watering causes roots to go toward the soil surface instead of down where they are meant to be.

The rule of thumb when watering : Water deeply, not frequently. Depending on soil types, ( clay or heavy soils need less water, sandy soils more ) most plants need an inch of water per week. To get this amount for newly planted trees and shrubs, place a hose with a small dribble at the base and let it water for an hour and a half at the beginning of the week and then another one and half hours at the end of the week.

To gauge the amount of water produced by your oscillating sprinkler, use a tuna can to catch the inch needed.

P.S. to the post : The heavens opened last night and the forecast predicts we'll get at least 2 inches. Whoohoo !


  1. OH!!
    That is my favorite tree!! I really want one of those!
    It looks so fresh and pretty in your yard!

  2. Hey, Sissy,

    Thanks for the compliments. It's one of my very favorites as well.

  3. This one (well, 'Aureum') is on my Wish List! Did you buy yours locally? It's GORGEOUS!!

  4. Hi Kylee,

    Thanks for stopping by. You've got Champagne taste - 'Aureum' is the Full Moon Golden Maple and it cost $$$$$. Yes I got my locally at Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago.

  5. thanks for the watering tips. I know it's supposed to be a given, but I need to be reminded cause I've been guilty of watering the lawn from my hose. But your post was timely because we got a lot of rain!

  6. Hi Rosemarie,

    I was just about to post on how dry April had been when we all of a sudden got the heavy rains !

    Now we've had enough dontcha think ?


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