April 23, 2007


For the Do-It-Yourselfers out there who are tired of hand watering or for the conservation minded I recommend the micro sprinkler and drip irrigation system, Mr. Landscaper. It not only conserves up to 70 per cent water, but is inexpensive to install and easy to replace any parts that might malfunction.

I installed one myself last summer and it worked very well. There is a timer to attach if you go on vacation or away for a weekend . Since it's an above ground system there's no digging to do and the black tubing can be covered with mulch. Once the plants are established the system is barely visible.

Mr. Landscaper also has a system for planters and pots for deck, patio and balcony gardeners, a godsend for gardeners who have to hand water these constantly.

Visit the website at www.mrlandscaper.com

The Mr. Landscaper system is carried by Lowe's and Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago.

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