May 1, 2007


Moi : The Queen of the May


A delicate fabric of bird song
Floats in the air,
The Smell of wet wild earth
Is everywhere.

Red small leaves of the maple
Are clenched like a hand,
Like girls at their first communion
The pear trees stand.

Oh I must pass nothing by
Without loving it much,
The raindrops try with my lips,
The grass with my touch;

For how can I be sure
I shall see again
The world on the first of May
Shining after the rain ?

Sara Teasdale
( 1884-1933 )

My birthday, May 1st, is celebrated in many countries around the world. The ancient Celtic tradition marks the first spring planting. May boughs were hung on doors and windows and blooming branches were erected. The May Queen was crowned and there was dancing around the Maypole. The festival is actually derived from an ancient Roman spring festival of fertility.

It's also International Workers' Day, an important moment in the Astronomical calendar as it marks the end of the winter half of the year in the Northern hemisphere and a popular day to protest.

Happy May Day everyone and Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Happy Birthday! It's my daughter's birthday today, too!

  2. Thank you, Carol. Love your blog and visit it often.

  3. Thanks kylee ! Your daughter's gonna be a green thumb, too.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter.


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