June 6, 2007


Ducky Weather
These ducks were actually fishing in a goldfish pond
when I snapped their picture

Rainy days are rare in June but this one is the rainiest in almost a decade. It's working hard to make up the May deficit and the ground is totally saturated.

Too wet to work. The ground is absolutely saturated beyond the point of planting . Wonderful ! That gives me a whole day to catch up on paperwork and housework, two chores landscape designers fall behind on.

I know my garden has grown a foot but of course that means the weeds have too. Oh, well, it won't be long before the sun is out and we'll be back outdoors doing all the garden chores .

Meanwhile, I'm humming that Eddie Rabbit tune.....Love a rainy night, love a rainy night
puts a song in this heart of mine, puts a smile on my face every time...ooh-ooh ..."

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