June 19, 2007


This just might be the most expensive tree in the USA -
Silver Leaf Maple in Fall dress

It's an ordinary tree by any standard and very fast growing. A homeowner in Chicago's northwest suburbs had one in her yard that was planted by her mother so it was very sentimental . The diameter of the trunk was 70 inches so you can imagine how large it was. And then imagine one day she came home and the tree was gone. A big, empty space where once the majestic tree had reigned supreme.

A hospital next to her property was doing construction and the landscaper had marked the tree for removal, thinking it was on their property. Wrong. Oops !

As a landscaper that story made me cringe, but then, as a homeowner , I feel for the loss of that tree planted by a mother in her daughter's garden.

The village ended up compensating the homeowner $26,000. This just may be the most costly tree in America , or the world for that matter. Moral of story : Double check those property lines if you're thinking of removing a tree !


  1. Oh no, I wanted to cry. I'm sentimental that way.

    But I guess $26,000 could buy a lot of trees :)

  2. I imagine that just telling the judge that your dear departed mother planted that tree would get you extra for pain and suffering.

  3. That is so sad! I don't know that $26,000 was justified - people do make mistakes occasionally and no human lives were lost - but good for her anyway. What a gorgeous tree it was.

  4. If I had a silver maple and some construction workers dug it out by mistake, I would thank them! It's a crummy tree. Huge branches break off easily and it sends off thousands of winged seeds clogging the downspouts and planting themselves everywhere. How do I know? A couple of our neighbors have a tree each in their yards, one unfortunately right next door to us. I know, I know it was the sentimental value of the tree but not worth $26k imo.

  5. I hear ya Ki. Silver maples would not be a favorite of mine either, but they are cheap and fast growing for those who want shade.

    $26,000 seems very high to me as well. You could do a huge landscape for that.


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