June 4, 2007


Wood Hyacinth

Bishop's Hat and Variegated Gooseneck Loosestrife

Arrowood Viburnum



In a recent post I complained that my garden was too blue. It was just the lull between late Spring and early Summer. In the past few weeks the above flowers appeared shortly thereafter -yellows, pinks, variegated, white and purple. How soon we forget what's underneath the earth until the flowers make their annual appearance.

My garden is a pleasing balance now and I'm very happy with it. I realize that I tend to buy plants that colonize and need to be divided or if they become too rampant, eradicated. Blackeyed Susan is a case in point. They are so lovely and bloom for so long, but they tend to spread.

Other evidence of my colonizing faves :

Siberian Bell Flower . I love it's beautiful pink bell flowers but it spreads rather quickly and I'm always thinning them out.

Daylilies. They're great, bloom a long time, but have to be watchful of them taking over.

Cranesbill geranium, a spring blooming favorite, but again, I have to monitor them as well.

My daughter gave me some goodneck loosestrife from her garden with the warning that it spreads. It was so pretty I just had to have it.


  1. That's what is wonderful about the garden, it always changes colors. Your flowers look great.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Carol and for leaving your pithy comments.


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