June 14, 2007


I love plants with bold foliage . I know the name of every plant in my garden so much to my surprise, this one arrived this Spring and I don't remember planting it.

It's thriving in the shade . Although it appears to be rhubarb, it's not. It seems that a flower is forming at the center so I'll wait to see if that will give me a clue. The plant is not very tall and its leaves as you can see are very long and broad.

It drives me nuts to have a plant in my garden and not know it's name. Could this be a beautiful weed ? Help !? Anyone ??


  1. Carolyn,
    Unfortunately, I don't know what type of plant it is, but it certainly is lush and green. Enjoy it, it may give you a few surprises if it flowers.


  2. Hi Rose,

    Welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago ! I've visited your blog and read many of your interesting posts. What part of the South are you from ?

    I will take your advice and enjoy the mystery plant and it's soon-to-be flowers.

  3. urgh! what can it be? It almost looks like what I call 'wild rhubarb' but that is not what it is. Please post the flower, or let us know if you figure out what it is!

  4. Hi Muum and welcome to the Sweet Home and Garden Blog. I just got back from visiting yours. Very interesting posts !

    I will post the blossoms of the mystery plant as soon as I see them.

  5. I love the texture of those leaves... but unfortunately I think it's a weed. Maybe a burdock or something related?

    Your bloom day plants are looking beautiful, too. Some of what you have, I won't see here for a couple of weeks!

  6. Hey Kim,

    Mystery solved ! Thanks so much. It really is a burdock plant. I've heard of it because down South they eat the roots as a vegetable. It's a member of the herb family and while not a weed, it plants itself.

  7. I have lots of this at the edges of the property but none of mine looks pretty. Your's must be very happy! I've let plantains settle into empty spots in the garden just because I liked the foliage.

  8. Each year, I let a burdock or two grow, if they're lucky enough to come up in the right spot. The flowers are interesting. But you really, really want to deadhead them -- especially if you have dogs.

  9. carolyn gail, I like that: "while not a weed, it plants itself." :)

    Are you going to let it grow? The foliage is fabulous...

  10. Thanks, Kim, I appreciate your help in solving my plant mystery. I'm going to let it grow, but watch it carefully because I think that most herbs tend to multiply like crazy !

  11. Hi Apple,

    I visited a client's garden the other day and saw several burdocks growing and they looked so much prettier than mine. That's when I realized that they were weed-like, planting themselves where they will. Why are we always suspicious of plants that grow so easily ?

  12. Hi Ellis, and welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. I must visit your blog and read your posts.

    I do have dogs. What's the problem with that ? I know that burdock is a member of the thistle family. Is it poisonous to dogs ?


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