July 11, 2007



My attraction for bold foiliage has gotten me into trouble once again. I saw a small astilboides at the garden center the other day and was immediately taken by its huge leaves. I didn't pay much attention to its culture.

I was, however, rudely awakened when I visited a client's garden and saw the gorgeous astilboides pictured above. " You mean it gets that big !? Oops ! " Got to move it or give it away because it's just too big for my small garden. I've already got a Plume Poppy out of control. Perhaps I could sneak it in by the pond?


  1. Carolyn - that is so cool looking! I like the new blog design too. Nice work!

  2. Thanks, Gina. The new blog design isn't up yet - this is a temporary one and is the work of my Web designing son. I kinda like it, too, so we'll see.

    Thanks for stopping by !

  3. Wow, impressively large and interesting leaves.

    I once saw a front yard in B.C. Canada completely planted with a perennial of similar leaf only the plants were over 6 feet tall. There was a path leading to the front door with a canopy of these very large leaves that you walked under. Very cool and interesting. I was thinking it was some kind of Gunnera but I never found out what it was.

  4. That almost looks like a pumpkin vine gone wild, without the vine.

    I also like this new template. Your son did a good job! Keep it for awhile!

  5. I've been wanting something big and bold. I was thinking hosta but this would fit the bill even better I think!

  6. Carolyn, I too like the look of your temporary blog. Your son did a great job.

    I saw an Astilboides on a garden tour recently and it was indeed this big. This morning on HGTV "A Gardener's Journal", they also had one and suggested that it be controlled by planting in a pot.

    Good luck on your new blog journey. I will check back to see how it goes.

  7. Ki, Carol, Apple, Bev :
    Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you like my new blog and I informed its creator of your opinion.

    Yes, I love the bold foilage of Astilboides. I'm hoping to make room for it somewhere.

  8. Not exactly a plant for a small area, is it! I've read about it, but don't think I've seen it - or not a huge specimen like this, anyway.

    This is a plant that collapses without lots and lots of water, right? Did you get close enough to touch the leaves, Carolyn? Were they thick and rubbery or thin and flexible?
    [Oh dear, I hope that won't bring the wrong kind of search engines to your nice, new blog template!]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Neither one, but what were you thinking, Annie ?!

    Astilboides, or False Spirea, has round, toothed leaves that can be up to 2 feet across. It's leaves are actually more interesting than its flower. And yes, it does need a consistent, moist soil preferably in the shade.

  10. That's a nice plant. I hope to one day have a garden big enough for some Gunneras that wouldn't take up all of my space.

  11. Thanks mrbrownthumb. I hope you will have a garden big enough for Gunneras as well.

  12. OOoohhh. I have some large bare areas screaming for something big like that! My favorite plants in the garden are the overgrown hostas on steroids, this looks like their long lost cousin.


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