July 2, 2007


A flower bed under renovation

Jane Magnolia sneaking in a June Bloom !

A cozy seating area

A pond to die for

View of the entrance garden

Last week I escaped the city for the countryside . Above are shots I took of my friend Mia's beautiful garden set on several acres.

Mia is a gardening fool like me but the thing I admire about her most is her determination. She has fought heavy clay from day 1. Little by little she is conquering it by adding soil amendments each time she plants.

Yes, she knows this is the hard way to do a garden but she didn't have a choice, having inherited the clay. This petite little gal is taking on a monster and my bets are on her to win !


  1. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous garden. What a inspiration!

  2. lovely pics, the pond is wonderful!

  3. My goodness, what gorgeous gardens! I battle hard clay here, too, and I do the same as your friend Mia. There's nothing else to be done. You live and learn by experience what is doable and what isn't. Mia has found the doables!

  4. Thanks Muum and Kylee. It is a gorgeous garden , the size of which I would want to have.


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