July 23, 2007


Phlox Paniculata ' Orange Perfection '

July is the month for Phlox. I've slowly been replacing the old fashioned varieties with new ones. You know the old fashioned kind - pale lavender and white. And, floppy. And mildewed.

The new varieties seem to have stronger stems and thus don't flop over . I haven't seen any mildew on them yet.

So far I have Orange Perfection ( above ) and Laura, below :

I want to get the variegated one that Carol of May Dreams Gardens has. I'm still on the hunt for it. The Phlox and Blackeyed Susans have a very long bloom time and make wonderful companions this time of the year.


  1. You found the orange phlox! YAY! I have only seen it online and since they seem to send microscopic sized plants, I've been trying not to order online. Where'd you find it? I responded to your spirea freak out on my blog. I didnt kill it - just brutally pruned it. Thanks for caring, Carolyn!

  2. My daughter passed it on to me from a neighbor that gave her some when she divided it. It's gorgeous.

    I do care, my dear. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I've been looking everywhere to find out the name of an old fashioned lavender variety. I see that you don't like them particularly, but I was wondering if you (please) remembered the name of any lavender varieties that you had? THANKS!

  4. You can still buy the old fashioned lavender varieties at garden centers and you're bound to find a lot of different kinds. A few are : 'Miss Wilmot', 'Franz Schubert' and 'Victoria. '


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