August 24, 2007


I had forgotten how much I love Phlox which has been blooming continuously in my garden since mid-July. It makes such a lovely , fragrant cut flower and since they're so many of them in the garden I won't miss the ones collected for the vase.

The two varieties above are 'bright eyes' and 'orange perfection. ' 'Laura ' the purple phlox with a white eye has finally gone out of bloom.

My phlox are so thick this year that I must make a note to divide in the Fall. I will give the excess to friends and family because I don't have the space for more. Or do I ? Maybe that variegated kind that Carol of May Dreams Gardens has. I'm still on the hunt for it.


  1. Isn't there ALWAYS room for one more plant? :-) I love the bouquet of phlox too--I was supposed to have Orange Perfection here somewhere but it's nonexistant; lots of 'David', and two different variegated (but not Creme de menthe), plus some hot pink and some Bright Eyes and Nicky somewhere in this jungle.

  2. I hope you do find 'Creme de Menthe' as it is a stunner. Mine, by the way, is done, done, done for this year. It looks so done I'm worried it might not come back next year!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  3. I have never had any luck with phlox. They always get diseased and look bad. I tried again this year, in a different spot, but still no good. I wonder what I am doing wrong?

  4. Yes, Jodi, there's always room for one more.

    Carol, thanks for turning me on to "creme de Menthe ". Don't worry, it'll be back next year !


    It seems that the newer varieties of Phlox don't get the mildew as bad as the older ones.

  5. I'm with Jodi--always room for one more! :) Those are lovely blooms, Carolyn Gail. Makes me regret my vow to avoid tall phlox (after several years of heartbreak at the old house) for the rest of my gardening days.

  6. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for visiting. If you see the newer varieties of phlox I think you'll not be able to resist. Besides, pinching them back until late June will keep them shorter.

  7. hi carolyn - those are so pretty in the glass vase. i went by HD tonight after work and guess what? they had the orange perfection! i picked one up for myself and one for garden buddy. 4.99 each - cant beat that!

  8. Hey Gina,

    You are SO good to your GB! You're gonna love orange perfection.

  9. This year, for the 1st time, I trimmed back my phlox at different heights before they bloomed, AND trimmed them after they bloomed and I've been getting blooms since July too. It's amazing. I never realized this with phlox. Now I too am loving them!


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