August 28, 2007


My new blogging buddy Max at Flicker Days was posting about her Korean mother whom she has been caring for since her cancer reoccurred. I usually visit her blog frequently but missed a few days. When I logged on it on Saturday I was shocked to find her obituary posted and the words " I love you, Mom. " She was only 58 years old.

She then posted about what a gift it was that her mother allowed her to take care of her in her last days. I don't know if Max realizes that in Korean culture she would be considered a most loving and dutiful daughter and a precious gift to her mother. It must have meant so much to her to be able to stay in her home until the very end and to experience the love of a devoted daughter . I have so many Korean friends who lament about the fact that they weren't there when their parents passed.

Max, I know you mourn the passing of your precious mother who is now at peace after suffering so much. Gather the wonderful memories of her around you for comfort .

I send you a bouquet picked from my garden this sad August day along with my thoughts and prayers on the loss of your precious mother.


  1. Carolyn, I'm sorry about your friend Max's mum. Things happen out of the blue, sometimes, all too often. I trust that memories will comfort her, and that she will be comforted by friends such as you.


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