August 11, 2007



Last week I did all YOUTUBE postings. Didn't get much feedback as far as comments go. As a matter of fact , only Gina of My Skinny Garden thought the TALES FROM THE VINES was, as she put it " weird. "

Garden Voices didn't much care for my postings either, except for the talking tomatoes.

I was just messing around not feeling much like doing anything but resting in the shade in these dog days of summer when the least bit of physical activity will have you dripping wet. Guess you could say I got a bad case of the "epitoozies " ( that's what we call it down South when we don't know what's wrong ) .

Unlike me, the flowers and vegetables love the heat. I've been harvesting a few tomatoes , Asian seedless cucumbers and lots of basil for pesto.

I've gotta get out of these summer doldrums and get ready for Monday, the beginning of a new week.


  1. carolyn - my boyfriend gets so irritated with me because I never watch the many videos he emails me. i dont know what it is but i just don't like to watch videos on my computer. i love your flowers though ;)

  2. Well, even if you are in some summer doldrums, the flower border clearly is not. It looks great! Hopefully, it will cool down soon and we can complain about this hot, dry summer being over too soon.

  3. Thanks, Carol and Gina. I can't wait for the weather to cool down and we can complain about how hot and dry the summer was.

  4. Carolyn, I feel your pain with the summer doldrums. I can feel them creeping in, even though I love hot summer weather. Maybe it's because I feel an ever so slight change in the weather and I know what's coming once it's not hot anymore.

    Hang in there!

  5. We all dread what's coming as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. EPitoozies? I like it--perfect description, and you're not alone in feeling that seems to be endemic among gardeners in mid-August. As a friend put it, quoting from something, 'half past August, quarter to fall'. Gives me the blues, too. Still, we have some glorious weather and gardening yet to do. Hang in there, my garden comrade. :-)

  7. I shall, Jodi, and thanks for the words of encouragement.

  8. Carolyn Gail, I'm so ready for fall. This heat really zapps my energy. In Alabama, we had early spring and I would plant and enjoy being in the yard, then when it got hot I just didn't venture outside. I wouldn't care if every single plant died. At least it isn't quite as hot here and so far, I haven't let my plants die. Hopefully it will cool off a bit this week.

  9. Hi Robin,

    I don't remember Alabama summers being so bad either, but then I was young and didn't pay much attention to the weather.

    Thank goodness it is suppose to cool off later in the week. I can't wait for some cool Fall days as well.

  10. "Epatoozie" is intriguing me too, Carolyn. There are so many times when we need a word for a bad case of not knowing what's wrong!
    You were wise enough to choose plants that are beautiful but tough so they can hold up even when the gardener is epatoozled and inside.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. Thanks, Annie. We sure do stretch the English Language sometimes don't we ?

    I'm a big believer in beautiful and tough plants so that, like you said, when I'm epatoozled and inside, they are holding up ouside.


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