September 28, 2007


The flower bed in late August

The flower bed in late September

I've been away for a while and suddenly realized that September is almost gone. There are so many tasks in my own garden left to do. The October rush will soon begin for me to finish up my landscaper duties. But for today, I'm having fun in my own back 40.

Jojo, my rat-sniffing Schnauzer, and I spent a rare cool and pleasant Fall day in the garden. I thinned out a lot of my overgrown blackeyed susans and phlox. In their empty spots I planted a new pink Aster, shown above and some more hardy garden mums.

We are extending our sun porch outward so I spent half a day moving a 4 year old Wisteria Standard with a 3 1/2 inch caliper trunk. Digging it out and replanting it was not an easy task, but at least the weather was cool.

I also relocated a 3 year old Rose of Sharon which I must say was much smaller and easier. I divided and replanted a lot of my Autumn Joy Sedum as well. After everything was planted I applied a top dressing of cotton burr compost and alfalfa humate and composted manure.

The bed looks a little sparse now but once Spring and Summer returns, it will be full once again. My next project, before Winter returns, is to plant more bulbs for Spring.


  1. I have a rose of Sharon that should be moved too. You may have just given me enough gumption to do it.

  2. Hey dirtyknees,

    Go for it ! Moving the Rose of Sharon was rather easy. The Wisteria Standard was very heavy and so the root system was extensive.

  3. Lovely aster! what bulbs are you planning to plant, Carolyn?

  4. Hey Jodi,

    Thanks. I'll plant lily flowering tulips ( love their pointed petals !), alliums, daffodils and fritillaria.

  5. That's a lot of work, but it sounds like it will be worth it to get a bigger sun room.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  6. I think it will be worth it. I'm already dreaming of sitting in my new sunroom where I'll actually be able to see my garden.


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