September 7, 2007


Pyrus Pyrifolia -
Asian Pear

After battling with the cardinals I placed a net over my Asian pear tree. Ha, ha ! I won. I now have some juicy ripe pears to harvest for moi.

The Asian pear is crisp and sweet and if kept refrigerated will last a very long time. I slice them up for my salads and they are frequently used in Korean dishes I prepare, such as cold noodles.

Have you seen the bottle of wine with a big fat pear in it ? I have one my hubby brought back all the way from Germany. Maybe next year I'll place clear bottles over the pears so that I can make some pear wine.


  1. glad you get to keep the 'fruits' of your efforts!

  2. Congratulations! There is nothing like home grown...

  3. Yay! Congrats on outsmarting them--after all, as the gardener you definitely deserve some of the fruits of your labor. :)

  4. Thanks, Kim, for those pithy comments.

  5. carolyn, i just saw something about the pear in the bottle on tv the other day - i had never seen it before. I love the idea! AND the bottles hanging all over the tree looked really cool.

  6. Hey, Gina. The pear in the bottle is very cool. You could plant an Asian Pear tree in your back garden. They are very hardy and fruit at an early age.


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