September 13, 2007


Every Labor Day I hear people say that this holiday marks the end of summer. I, for one, am not ready to let it go even though the ' skeeters on most evenings drive me indoors.

This week the weather will be Fall-like with temperatures in the 70's during the day and 50 and 60's at night. I love this in between season with its cool and warm weather. The trees haven't begun their Fall color yet, but everyone seems to be preparing for the envitable - the end of Summer.

Summer still rules, there are chores to be done in the garden, more lazy warm evenings to cook and eat outdoors in. My mate is drawn more and more indoors , sports nut that he is, the Chicago Cubs and the return of the Superbowl Bears are occupying a lot of his time.

Summer is a state of mind. In the deep of a Chicago winter I still think of her . I wish Summer was as eternal as it is in my heart and mind. I actually know people ( mostly from Chicago ) who love winter. A season when nothing grows and it's hard to even be outside . I can hardly comprehend the love of it.

If I had my druthers it would be Summer year round.


  1. Yes, I'm 1 of those native Chicagoans who doesn't hate Winter. It's the time of year when I feel best - no nasty pollen & mold spores to aggravate my allergies. It may seem like heresy, but I really hate Summer & am glad to see it go. When it's 98F with 90% humidity & loads of mosquitos, it may as well be -10 for all the time I want to be outside. Give me Spring, with its rollercoaster temps. Give me Autumn, with the best weather of the year around here, clear skies, low humidity. If only we didn't have to deal with those danged hornets.

  2. It's wonderful to hear from you.
    I actually have a very legit gardening question for you, one I was going to blog about today, but likely will tomorrow instead.
    My mom was a fan of cacti. She as a few that are quite large. I can't recall when she brings them in. What I've read indicates they don't like temps lower than 50 degrees, and we're there. But...I am inclined to leave them in the sun. My recollection is she brought them in rather late in the year.
    Any advice?

  3. I agree with you: it could always be summer...for me, though Spring and autumn have very good moments and positive aspects too!

  4. Thanks, Max. So your mom was a cactophile. Great !

    About two weeks before the first hard frost ( check the Farmer's Almanac ) is the time to bring the cactus in. Make sure that the soil is dry when moved indoors, preferably by a sunny window so it can keep on growing, though slowly.

    Winter is a time of dormancy , or rest and the cactus should only be watered enough to keep it from shriveling. If it's humid for a long time don't water at all because water is not take in as fast by the roots and it could have root rot.

    Bring them out in Spring after danger of frost has passed and keep them under a shaded area for a week or so. Slowly move them to partial direct sun and over a two week period, to full sun. Water lightly if it doesn't rain.

    In May or June sprinkle on some slow release plant food such as Osmicote which will feed them the entire summer. You'll usually see growth by July.

    Hope this will help your "passalong" plant.

  5. Welcome, Barbara, to the Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. I see that you are in Germany, near Switzerland. It must be very beautiful there. I have visited your country and it has some very lovely gardens.

    My daughter's husband is first generation German born in America.

  6. You are too welcome, Max. My pleasure.


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