October 10, 2007


Iris Germanica 'Thai Orange '

A new addition to the Sweet Home and Garden Chicago Fall bed, courtesy of my daughter Cathy who ordered an amazing reblooming Iris Germanica ' Orange Popsicle ' for me. What arrived, instead, was a substitute labeled 'Thai Orange. '

Problem is I couldn't find any description for 'Thai Orange' as a rebloomer so Cathy called the nursery and they said it was . However, I've searched online but no one is listing it as a rebloomer.

We'll see next year. I've never seen an orange iris before so this is very exciting to have in my Fall garden bed.


  1. looks wonderful. Do your rebloomers actually rebloom? Here in high desert Utah, ours don't, but it would be nice to know if rebloomers rebloom elsewhere! Love, love, love the color (ok, so it is hard to find an iris I don't love!)

  2. Hi Muum up there in high desert Utah . My Cathy tells me that the Iris in her garden is in bloom now and so the answer is yes, they do rebloom. I don't have a reblooming Iris in my garden currently.

    The color orange is so beautiful in the Iris family isn't it ? I've got my eye on a red one as well, another unusual color.

  3. While orange is not a color I like, it's hard not to like such a bright iris. There are some hybrid tall beardeds that I think are ugly, but that shade could be a wow moment in the border. I hope it reblooms for you, as some rebloomers do so more easily here than others. Fertilizing them after the 1st bloom also helps.

  4. Thanks, mcgregor's daughter. I know that Iris do well with a little cow manure spread about them so I'll try your suggestion. If they don't rebloom for me I'm going to insist that the nursery send me some that do.


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