November 12, 2007

200 DAYS

Jojo soaks up some late October sun

Chicago's official temperature at O'Hare International Airport registered 32 degrees on Friday, November 2, ending the growing season for this year , one of the four longest since they've been keeping records in 1959.

Our growing season was a month longer than last year. My last act before shutting off my irrigation system was to give the garden one last, long soaking before the snow flies and to pick the last of the green tomatoes for frying up. How lucky we are in Chicago to have ample water. I pray for the poor folks down South who are in the worse drought in history.

Mother nature gave us a nice gentle rain evening before last and we are expecting more today and the first 60 degree temperature for November.


  1. carolyn - i guess i picked a good year to start gardening, huh? im excited that it'll be 60 degress today and plan to go pick up that weigela today and get it in the ground.

    hey did i tell you i finally made it out to your garden center? what an awesome place! they had some really great great sales on large planter pots. i was planning to check to see if they have any left this week. i'd love to grab one for next spring.

  2. Gina,

    I know you Tennessee ridge runners like to take off like greased lightning, but how dare you go to my garden center without letting me know, girlfriend?! I could've given you the quarter tour, especially of my department, trees and shrubs where that wiegela is at least 5 times $7.99.

    I can meet you over there if you let me know in advance and then we'd both have something to really blog about.

  3. I noticed the season was longer this year!! but I had no idea of the stats. No wonder I got so many ripe gourds this year :)

  4. Are you allowed to tell us chicago gardeners where you work? And how about today, another 60 degrees. Crazy!


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