November 7, 2007


My first Parmesan-Herb Bread dough

Another passion of mine, besides gardening and painting, is cooking. I always used to pick up an artisan loaf of olive rosemary bread at the bakery. I just love it and it got me to thinking I can do that ! So I did and it turned out pretty good. Onward and upward with the dough !

So what's cooking in the Sweet Home and Garden kitchen ? Parmesan-Herb bread kneaded personally by moi for 15 minutes ( my biceps are getting a workout ! ) . The aroma of herbs filled the whole house and it smelled wonderful.

To go with the Parmesan-Herb bread I made navy bean soup with a big old hambone from a Smithfield Country Smoked ham I was finishing up.

That' s a huge hunka' hambone in the bean soup

The bread turned out yummy ( the missing piece is what I ate ! ) :

Dinner's ready, y'all ! Anybody hungry ?

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