December 28, 2007

After Christmas Sales

Carol at Maydreamsgardens has inspired me to create a gardening-themed Christmas tree for next year , so right after Christmas I went surfing on the internet and found :

Very Sweet , handmade by an artist : Santa Hanging from a Leaf
( $7.99 at )

The garden angel at Amazon. com

Happy Tomato Face ( Amazon .com )

Pickles : $4.99 a dozen at

Peas in a Pod ( $9.99 at )

Gardening Angels , also at Gardeners
( All three for $14.99 )

Most unusual : Bleeding heart. Also at Gardener's Supply

Garden themed ornaments are not easy to find at all so I think I did pretty good, plus , I avoided all those crazy people.


  1. These are awesome! Only thing is, here the Internet is bogged down (we're on a satellite-based wireless 'highspeed' that is better than dialup, but sometimes just barely). So I've avoided looking for interesting online gifts as well as avoiding the mall like the plague.
    Those bleeding heart ornaments, though...mighty tempting!

  2. Thanks, Jodi. I've never seen anything like the bleeding heart ornaments. They're truly one of a kind and worth having.

  3. That's going to be quite a pretty gardening tree. I love those gardening angels and bleeding hears, quite the find. Kylee from Our Little Acre also found some gardening ornaments on this site that might interest you, if you've suddenly come into a lot of money!

  4. Thanks, Carol. I see what you mean by "coming into a lot money !" Quite an unusual collection however. Did you see the T-shirt with "Hoe, Hoe, Hoe " on it ? That would be perfect for you.

    Guess you can tell from my picks that I'm the " thrifty Scot . "

  5. I am loving the bleeding heart ornaments. I'd be tempted to display those year round, they are so lovely.

  6. They certainly are, Muum. Unfortunately by the time I went back to order them they had sold out !

  7. How can you show us those bleeding hearts, and then tell us they are sold out! How cruel! ;)

  8. Sorry vonlafin ! I'm gonna try to find them elsewhere.

  9. Yes, Carolyn - while I enjoy my pickle ornaments and also have an angel leaning on a garden spade, it's the bleeding hearts that had me crooning at the screen. Send a link to your post to Gardener's Supply!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Drats, Annie, Gardener's Supply ran out of the bleeding hearts as soon as I went to place my order.

    I will send them a link. Thanks for the advice.

  11. I ordered those angel ornaments, Carolyn Gail! I very nearly bought them on eBay, where they were going for a fixed price of $10-12 EACH. I got a set for my mom and also my one daughter that loves to garden, for next year for Christmas.

    And yeah, the bleeding hearts were sold out when I tried to order them also. :-((((

  12. Good for you, Kylee. I've written them about the bleeding hearts to see if they might be able to get more in.


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