December 3, 2007


Now that all the hard work is done -the hardscape, pond, trees and shrubs; time for some fun : The fillers. Perennials that come back year after year. I also leave space for annuals to add constant color. My favorite annual is coleus and it is carefree from early Summer right up until late Fall.


It's particularly important in a small garden to have plants with long bloom periods . For Spring I plant : tulips, daffodils, Jacob's Ladder, Cranesbill Geranium, Ajuga, and dwarf Iris. Summer : Blackeyed Susan, Veronica, Bear's britches, German Iris, Yarrow, Coneflower, Hardy lily, Goldenrod, Brunnera, Bergenia, Hosta, Euphorbia, and Phlox to name a few. Fall : Anemone, Mums, Sedum, Ornamental grass .

It looks so easy on paper doesn't it ? My garden has been evolving for the past decade and everything in it has been a DIY project.

Next : My path to becoming a garden designer.


  1. It does look easy on paper thankfully... it's another thing to get everything growing well and doing what it's supposed to.

    This is interesting and I'm looking forward to reading about your path on becoming a garden designer!

  2. Bear's Britches do okay for you? I really really want this in my garden, but I thought it wasn't hardy to our zone. Could I possibly be wrong? Oh please let me be wrong!

  3. Thanks kate.

    Kylee, this is my first test season for Bear's Britches. Some perennial catalogs say hardy to zone 3, so we shall see if it survives Chicago's winter.


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