December 9, 2007


Neil Diamond has been one of my favorite singers ever since he started recording. I especially loved the hit SWEET CAROLINE which folks in the piano bar played whenever I came in. It was my song.

After 40 years Neil decided to reveal who Sweet Caroline , the person who inspired the song, really is. Well, dippity-do ! It wasn't a sexy woman he had a fling with or anything of that nature that the song kinda touches on. Are you ready for this ? -Caroline Kennedy who I must add was just a kid at the time.

Neil was just at the United Center in Chicago recently and I must say he's aged very gracefully and his voice is even better I think than before.

But, Mr. Diamond, I must say that I'm diappointed that you revealed who Sweet Caroline is because now I can't say you wrote that song for me. Some secrets are just better kept.

Watch the many stages of life of one of America's great singers :


  1. Hi Caroline,

    That must have been tough news! Darn Neil - he should have kept his secret. My younger sister, Caroline, was not thrilled to hear this either.

    btw, I have added your blog to my 'playing in the dirt' links!

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for adding me to your 'playing in the dirt ' links.

    He should've taken that secret to his grave. Now all the Caroline's are gonna be upset with him !

  3. Bummer!!! LOL Some things should be kept a deep dark secret forever! ;-) Still, it's a nice song as so many of Neil's are.

  4. Thanks, yolanda elizabet. You're absolutely right.

  5. BTW, I saw Neil Diamond a few weeks ago in Indpls. He stopped here on his tour, he also was in Chicago. Perhaps you went?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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