January 23, 2008


The Belles of 'Bama :
Right to Left in order of birth : First born Wilma,
Shrimp in the Middle; second born, Moi and third born , youngest and tallest; Linda.

Any truth to what they say about how your order of birth affects your personality and life ? You've probably heard it all - the first born is a leader ( Yep, that's Wilma ) second one likes to stir things up ( Yep , that's me ) and the youngest is generally a happy go-lucky sort ( Yep, Linda ! ) . Well in our case it could apply but I'm sure that doesn't mean that it's the same in other ones.

I do know that true to sterotypes I struggled mightly to compete with my over achieving first born sister Wilma who was the Captain of our basketball team in High School. It didn't help any that I was short but I made up for it in determination.

I'm afraid I also took advantage of my younger sister Linda's mild mannered personality more times than I'd like to admit, but she's since forgiven me.

Did being the middle girl cause me to be mischievious and overly curious as a child ? Linda seldom got into trouble and I seldom got out of it.

P.S. Is it just me that thinks Annie in Austin looks like Wilma ?

I'd love to hear from other blogger's about how the order of their birth has affected their personalities.


  1. I am second born, too, my older brother is shy, I am the bossy, loud one, and my younger sister is the organized one. Did you spend a lot of time as a kid 'ganging up' with one against the other?

  2. Hey second born ! You betcha I spent a lot of time pitting one against the other. I was a mean, rotten, no-good sister back then. I've reformed, somewhat, which is the good news !

  3. Great photo, Carolyn! I'm the oldest in our family, which meant I fought my younger sisters' battles for them (when we weren't fighting each other, of course) and got the worst of the 'experiments in childrearing' from our parents, who weren't nearly as strict with my sisters. They used to fight constantly (my sisters) which is why I'm such a solitary person, I reckon--I'd head for the woods whenever possible to get away from them--or dive into a book. Go figure...

  4. What a nice photo of the three of you, Carolyn! Margaret Mead wrote a lot about birth order and it seemed both logical and fascinating to me when I first encountered her writing. I told MSS that I would write about it one of these days, but you were faster, being the middle child!

    From what I've read, three sisters will have a different dynamic from a family with brothers mixed in - bet you are an interesting bunch! I'm the oldest in my family, and also the shortest.... go figure.

    Someone else would have to say whether there's a resemblance between Wilma and me, since it's hard to look at oneself objectively. If you're interested there's a photo from Cold Climate Kathy's visit at Pam/Digging

    Or you could come to Spring Fling and meet all of us ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. First born here and I only have one younger brother. We were not in competition, well not much. ;-) And I was very angelic of course, what else? ;-)

    Yes, your sister Wilma does look a bit like Annie.

  6. I'm a middle child (of three) as well. I find they're the smartest and best looking.

    Would the photo of you and your sisters had been better is the smallest was planted in the front? And the leggy ones in back?

  7. I'm a middle child, too. But I've never really 'analyzed' how we all compare based on birth order. I do think I try harder, though.

  8. I have 2 sisters also, Carolyn ... Pecking order? Oldest 'prima dona'; second 'the pistol'; then me 'always trying to please'. Though very close, we 'still have our moments'!

  9. Let's see, I'm a bossy know-it-all. Ah, yes, that would make me the eldest. Of course, in my defense, my parents were always telling me that they expected more out of me. Why? I bet you can guess. LOL.

  10. I am from a family of eight, I am not sure what that makes me? I am actually sixth from the top.

  11. Jodi,

    I see y'all say "I reckon " up there in Nova Scotia as well . Guess we got that from the Brits, eh ?

    I can understand that being the first born bears a lot of responsibility. And, by the time the other siblings come along, parents are more relaxed with them. My kids claim that I spoiled my youngest and they could never get away with half the stuff he does.

  12. Hi Annie,

    Wish I could go to the Spring Fling in Austin but it's hard to get away when the garden season starts here.

    I haven't read Margaret Mead on the order of birth but will check it out.

    I saw your photo on your site as well as Pam and Kathy's. YE seems to agree with me on the resemblance.

  13. And you're still angelic, Yolanda Elisabet !

    Jim, thanks for the tip. Next time I'll plant myself in front of my two towering sisters.

    Carol, I have no doubt that you try harder!

    Baby Joey, trying hard to please is so prevelant among the last born isn't it ? My two sisters and I are very close as well.

    Hey boss lady, Dee. My first born Sister Wilma was always the boss as well. A natural-born leader and didn't mind bearing the responsibility.

    Six of eight, Vonlafin ? You probably had lots of attention from your older siblings, which tends to make you an agreeable sort.

  14. I'm the youngest of five, with my 3 sisters one after the other, then my brother. I'm 3 1/2 years younger than my brother & was 7 years younger than my oldest sister. Although I was the youngest, I didn't have it the easiest (contrary to popular belief). I was the only 1 who got my mom's undivided attention, but it was too much. It turned me into a rebel & a free thinker. I also grew up faster than other kids my age as I tried to keep up with my siblings. Also, they picked on me & we actually engaged in physical fights. I always lost, but I learned to fight dirty (Indian burns). I was left out of so many of my sisters' activities that I became very independent & self-sufficient. What's funny is that because of the age gap, I ended up being a lot like my oldest sister. I still have trouble relating to my other 2 sisters. They just don't get me.

  15. Quite a character you've formed being the youngest. I do think the age difference is very important in relating to each other. My oldest sister is only 4 years older and my youngest less than a year so I think that helps us feel even closer.

  16. I'm the oldest. Somehow, I think I've always felt "responsible." Fairly independent (!). Second in line was my sister that was 14 months younger than me. That's pretty close in age. Then two brothers and one little sister that was 7 years younger than my little brother and 12 years younger than me. She was everyone's baby for quite awhile, and then was an "only child." She's also quite independent. ;-)

    (I'd forgotten about Indian burns!)

  17. That's quite an age difference between the youngest and you.

    So it seems that the first borns are true to the hearsay -independent sorts.

  18. Hey Ma, It's Your First Born!
    Love your Blog....
    Having Fun down there? Great Photo
    of your Sisters and You.


  19. Hey Bossy First Born, Cathy. Thanks. I'm glad you like my blog. I'm really enjoying myself.


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