February 15, 2008


Is it cheating if you've temporarily moved from Zone 5 to 9 ? No? Well lookey here what's blooming in the Tampa Bay area and these folks aren't even gardeners :

This is a houseplant in Chicago that is summered outdoors -Hibiscus !

This is an annual in Chicago-Vinca

Roses bloom year round here

I'm in a small rental cottage that doesn't have much of a garden probably due to a lot of upkeep that the owner's can't manage. There's a lot of natural beauty in the live Oaks, majestic palms, hollies laden with berries, Azaleas, grapefruit , orange and apricot trees.

I can only dream what I would do if I lived here year 'round. I'd need a lot of acreage because I would want a large orchard of fruits and berries and a huge vegetable garden to grow my own organic produce.

Now go visit Carol at Maydreamsgardens and let her know what you've got blooming in your neck of the woods.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time in Florida. Don't you miss the winter just a little bit? Don't you wonder which of your houseplants are blooming right now? Did your allergy to winter clear up?

    Thanks for posting blooms for bloom day, even those 'borrowed' blooms.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. It looks like a wonderful trip. I'll bet the weather is prefect, not too humid and not too hot. MY DH and I lived in Orlando for a year, while he had Navy trainig and I had our first baby.

  3. That Hibiscus reminds of the mandivellia sp? I planted one year. It grew 20ft. It went up the railing of my front steps and all the way across my front porch. It was awesome--but the first temps below 50 turned it black over night. You gotta love that tropical weather!!!!

  4. Lucky you! It is always amazing the plants we consider annuals that bloom year round in the warmer climes. In California our neighbors kept the impatiens in bounds with electric hedge trimmers!
    Frances at Faire Garden

  5. Not ONE bit, Carol. Sorry. This sunshine was just the prescription for my winter allergy. I'm afraid I've become addicted to the medicine.

    My geraniums were in full bloom when I left my indoor garden. I'm sure that my caretaker is following instructions on the care of the indoor garden.

  6. Hi Muum,

    So you know how wonderful the sunshine state is.

  7. Hi flowergardengirl,

    Those Mandavellia's are gorgeous and do remind me of the Hibiscus blooms.

    I do love this tropical weather. Folks down here call it "winter." Winter? Apparently they haven't visited Chicago in February.

  8. Oh, that's funny, Frances. I can just see someone cutting impatients with a hedge trimmer !

  9. Even in Florida we have many early bloomers this year!

  10. Oh, lucky you to be somewhere warm and see roses in bloom! I'm sure you'll be happy to get back to your own garden, though, won't you? Though maybe not for another month. Or two. Yes, I bet mid-April would be about right to have escaped the worst.

  11. Wish I could stay through March at least but I leave at the end of this month. At least Spring won't be too far off when I return.

    Seeing roses in bloom is quite amazing.

  12. I was wondering when you would have to leave your sunny destination. Hopefully, we'll have an early spring.

  13. We are leaving around the end of this month and travelling through Alabama, Kentucky and Illinois on the way back home.

    I worry about the weather that time of the year. I sure hope it's an early Spring.

  14. Lemme guess, you're nibblin' on sponge cake, watchin' the sun bake! I am envious, Carolyn Buffet!


  15. Why you little -Bobbyearl. Me , nibblin'on sponge cake? You don't know me too well do you ? I'd be moe like sippin' on SOuthern Comfort, honey chile.

  16. How is your case of epitoozies coming along? ;-) Thanks for sharing so many "warm postings" for those of us still in the snowy northland!

  17. I somehow missed picking this post up, Carolyn--have been busy and it slipped by. Great fun! Of course it wouldn't be cheating...hope the Epatoozies are relenting, too!

  18. Hi Shady,

    The Florida sunshine was just the prescription for the epitoozies, which in Chicago translates to can't take the winter anymore.

  19. Hi Jodi,

    Wish I could take this weather back home with me. It's a sure cure for the epitoozies.

    This is just about the closest thing to paradise.

  20. caroly gail: I left a comment yesterday but I suppose blogger ate it??

    I thought of you these past few glorious days while I was out gardening like a maniac. We have to get as much done now while the paradise lasts. I wouldn't want to shatter the bliss you've discovered here but let's just suffice to say - it's a good thing you didn't come in June/July/August when I'll be wishing I was in Chicago. :-)

    I love the way Hibiscus shouts "tropical". Other than the constant aphids they are quite easy to have in a garden down here.

    Keep up the kudos for Florida... maybe we can convince more of our northern blogger friends to take a winter break and join us for the sunshine ... and green everywhere!

  21. That bad ol' blogger must've eaten it alright.

    I know what you mean about the hot weather cause I grew up in Alabama and used to pick cotton in a hundred degree heat. When you're young the heat doesn't bother you as much.

    We have hot, humid summers in Chicago as well. Some summers we get a break but July used to always start with a hundred degrees.

    Saw a report on global warming the other day and they said the cold kills more people than the heat !


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