February 8, 2008


I've been consuming my share of Florida's wonderful organic locally grown fruit. When I opened an avacado I found that it had already developed a bud at the top and roots at the bottom ! WOW! It's ready to be planted in a peat pot. So I potted it up and gave it to my friend who will eventually plant it in her garden. I read that avacados are Florida's most important crop ( Yeah, I know, I thought Oranges were, too ) and SO nutritious. A famous doctor said that of all the fruits in the world, the avocado would be his selection as the healthiest.

I was also surprised to learn that such tropical fruit as bananas, pineapple, kiwi and mangos grow here as well. What a paradise !

The seed will make a beautiful evergreen tree that will grow from 30 to 60 feet tall. So I've left a little tree as my legacy in a Florida garden.


  1. Indeed what a paradise. Seems you got out of Chicago at a good time, from the reports I've seen of all that snow up there.

    Gardeners do "bloom where they are planted" or in your case, plant wherever they are. I love avocadoes.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Thanks, Carol. I heard from my daughter that they had another 6 inches of snow.

    Florida has the best avocados in the USA.

  3. Hi Carolyn Gail: your photo reminds me of my childhood seeing those wonderful seeds in a glass on my parent's kitchen window sill. They would prop them half out of water and root them before planting. Before long there would be a sprout of green and beautiful roots sparkling through the clear glass.

    Most of the fruits you mentioned grow best in southern Florida where they are most plentiful and oh so delish.

    Thanks for the memories and the nice words for my beloved Florida once again.

  4. Hi Meems,

    I know that it's too cool for the more tropical fruits I mentioned to grow here but it's fascinating to know that they grow in Florida.

    The weather for the past few days has been a bit cooler and I've seen a lot of gardeners out in their yards. Is it Spring yet ?

  5. Florida avocados are truly delicious. We live in NW Florida, so get more of the California and Central American avocados than of Florida. When I found some Fl avocados in the store, I snapped them up, ate them quickly and sprouted them. They are fast growers!

  6. Thanks, Becca, that's good to know!

  7. Gardening on vacation seems like the best type of vacation possible. And you even got to eat what you planted, just BEFORE it was planted.;->

    Frances at Faire Garden

  8. I remember the first time I'd ever tried growing one, I'd come home for lunch and it was leaning toward the window. I'd turn it around and when I came home after work, it was again leaning toward the window. I think it grew about 4 inches a day! ha. (Well, if my memory serves me correctly.) ;-)

  9. Your vacation sounds like it a good one - you are even getting some gardening in.

  10. I didn't know that about avacados. Thanks for the info. I really like Florida except for the summer humidity and the giant bugs. We went to Disney World in July last year and whew!! It was HOT!~~Dee


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