February 22, 2008


The Live Oak in front of my vacation cottage

Looking like a scene right out of the Louisiana Bayou this Live Oak, draped with Spanish Moss, is the symbolic tree of the South. Quercus Virginiana, or Evergreen Oak, is a fast growing native tree with edible acorns that support a variety of birds and small animals. It's leaves are small, oval shaped, leathery and a deep shiny green.

The Florida State Champion Live oak in Alachua county, pictured below, is 108 inches in diameter and has a crown of 150.5 feet.

If properly cared for Live Oak can live for centuries. The low growing limbs make great places for children to climb or build a treehouse in. Some limbs are so low they almost touch the ground and make a good resting place for a cat in search of birds.

Live Oaks can be seen in abundance all over the South and is the state tree of Georgia. It is truly a majestic sight.


  1. Carolyn,
    Thank you for taking the time so send us words of encouragement. We need that right now, I almost feel selfish grieving over our garden when so many have lost so much. We just really put our heart into it this past year and were really looking forward to seeing fruition this spring and summer. Jamie actually grew up in Parrish, Alabama in Allbritton Holler. You and he have a little something in common. Thank you again and please don’t be a stranger to our site we look forward to hearing from you. -Randy

  2. Randy and Jamie,

    I can imagine what grief you are suffering over the devastation of your garden. I have been through this many times when neighbors lost their entire homes and crops and those of us who were fortunate not to be touched always came to their aid.

    You know how it is in rural areas in Alabama where "love thy neighbor as thyself" is not just an idle quote .

    My thoughts and good wishes as you being recovery.

  3. Oaks are wonderful, stately trees. We have several varieties here in Iowa. None of the trees in our yard are terribly old. However, there's one photo of an oak on our "other land" that provides a nice statement!

    Are you going to remain in Florida Forever? ;-)

  4. Hey Shady,

    Not forever, nor long enough. Wish I could stay until Spring arrives in Chicago !

  5. Those are such majestic trees! Unfortunately there is not enough space for us to put one here.

  6. I am loving these tree posts! This is a tree that is the most majestic of all, all oaks are my favorites, but this one casts a magic spell. We once visited 'Angel Oak' near Charleston, SC, even had to pay to see it, and it was well worth it.
    Thanks for showing us these trees.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  7. Yes, Dave, I agree. It does need a lot of space to show off it's beauty and size.

    You're welcome, Frances. I've heard of the famed Angel Oak.

  8. Carolyln: The live oak is my all time favorite tree. The home I grew up in had one that was over 200 years old in the front yard. The trunk 6' in diameter and the tree limbs extended out across the length of two yards. We had loads of fun in that tree growing up. They are sturdy and magestical.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Hello Carolyn..I've link your blog to mine http://mygardenhome.blogspot.com
    Do U mind...?


  10. Hi Meems,

    It would've been my choice as a kid, for sure because the limbs are so enticing.

  11. Hi Velly,

    And welcome all the way from Indonesia! I'm honored to have you link to my blog. I look forward to visiting yours.

  12. Carolyn gail,

    Have been meaning to get by your site. Hello, I love the Spanish Moss. I lived in Florida as child and think Spanish Moss is beautiful, as are the live oaks. Wish we could grow them up here in the Central South.

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit....too cold in the winters for me.

    Thank you for stopping by and welcoming me to blogging.


  13. You're welcome, Gail. Thanks for visiting and come back real soon.

  14. I've seen Live Oaks in Florida. They are so graceful and quite different than anything in my area. Thank you for the education.

  15. Live Oak is my all-time favorite tree! They don't grow quite as big in my neck of the woods as the one at your vacation home. I visited Texas' state champion live oak a few years ago (near Concan in the "Hill Country") and it was amazingly huge. . . Love your pictures!

  16. Hi Jane Marie,

    Welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. I'll be over to visit you at Thyme for Herbs. Thanks for your comments.

  17. Hi Mary Beth,

    I'm glad you liked the post on your favorite tree.

    Thanks for visiting.


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