April 30, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day

Time to bid April farewell and welcome in May with your garden musings.

This May

Besides this May

We know-

There is another-

How fair our speculation of the Foreigner

Some know him whom we knew-

Sweet wonder-

A nature be

Where saints, and our plain going neighbor

Keep May !

-Emily Dickinson


  1. Hooray for May! If I had to pick a favorite month, May would be a serious contender, along with June, September, and October.

  2. Hey Lintys,

    Thanks and right back at ya. Why don't you post a little poetry for our May Garden Bloggers' Muse Day ?

  3. Did Dickinson ever write anything that wasn't beautiful? Love your photo and the poem suits the first of May to a tee! Happy Birthday, too! Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. :)

    My GBMD is up: http://tinyurl.com/3ojc7f

    I hope you'll stop by. :) Enjoy your special day!

  4. Not that I know of, Nancy : )

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Happy birthday to your May Day Dad.

    Of course I will stop by and visit you. Thanks for contributing to GBMD.

  5. Happy Birthday! Today is also the anniversary of my closing on my house. I love the froggy sax player, is he a Blues musician or does he play Jazz? My May muse is up at http://mcgregorsdaughter.blogspot.com/2008/05/may-muse-2008.html. Happy May Day!

  6. Posted mine! A little Tennyson: www.pleasanthillramblings.blogspot.com

    Happy May!

  7. Just getting past my May Day melancholia to get my Muse post up...and offer heartfelt best wishes for a wonderful birthday, Carolyn--and many more!


  8. The Wenches have their GBMD post up. --Curmudgeon

  9. Hello Carolyn and Happy Birthday!
    My post went up a little early this month - it'a a song about Dreams of May on YouTube.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. I just heard it Annie and it is really awesome. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our Muse day.

    I had a wonderful birthday ( great weather here in Chicago ) doing absolutely NOTHING which is a big change for me : )

  11. Thanks, Jodi, Ewa, Mr. McGregor's daughter, J and Weed Wacking Wenches for your contributions to GBBD.

  12. Happy Birthday! My GBBD post is up. :-)

  13. Hope you had a great birthday. I remembered this month to post a poem.

    Always Growing

  14. Got my muse post up yesterday, but didn't have time 'til now to read yours.

    Always love Miss Emily. Thanks.~~Dee

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Carolyn. You are in marvelous company on your birthday. I just love Emily.

    I did a muse day post of sorts. I liked an entire book so I posted about it.

  16. My muse post is up! I am just slow checking in! Happy Birthday, I think we have the best month of all!

  17. Thanks, Muum. So glad to know that your grandmother and I share the same birthday :)


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