April 3, 2008


Winter weary Jojo

My rabbit-chasing mouser, Jojo, the Mini-Schnauzer is bored with staying indoors. While we were vacationing in Florida she went for long strolls and saw all sorts of interesting critters such as lizards, cranes, and bugs. Now she waits for Spring and Summer like I do and can't wait to be outdoors most of the day.

She is my shadow, following me from room to room. When I am painting in my studio she snuggles up underneath the easel ( above ) and watches me. If only she could paint !

Schnauzers are dubbed " the dog with the human brain. " Jojo does everything but talk. She knows where her treats are kept and does a little dance around the cabinet there, barking to get my attention to her request.

Strangers don't usually see small dogs as a treat and rush to pet them. BIG mistake with Jojo. She's almost snapped fingers off and people gasp in disbelief at her dislike of strangers. She will defend her castle with her last breath and with her keen ears no one can even get near without her hearing them. She certainly doesn't know her size. I'm sure she thinks she's "ten feet tall and bullet proof. " I mean she's scared off a huge Great Dane before a very comical sight .

April is the teaser month, some days cold and rainy, some warm and sunny. Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day and Jojo and I spent the afternoon soaking it up. Of course I couldn't resist putzying around the garden and doing a little Spring clean-up.

We both are winter weary and can't wait for Summer ( there's no Spring in Chicago).
We're supposed to get a taste of it this weekend.


  1. love your blog -- I was browsing and saw it - I love to garden to and do you have any advise as to what kinds of perennials would do well in NJ under a shade tree. Presently, I have bleeding hearts and lots of hosta, but I would like to add more color.....
    Thanks, janice j.

  2. Hi Janice, and welcome. Off the top of my head -Coral bells, ferns, astilibe, goatsbeard, hakone grass, and wild ginger are a few of my faves for the shade.

  3. carolyn, Iloveyourblog,Ijust camebyand saw yourblog onjojo and Iloveyour dog,Ihavecats,butIdidhave a dog like yours and was allergic too it!I gave it back to the person who gave it to me , my daughter andI were heart sick over that.I havea ?How do you get tulips to live?Thanks so much fo rshareing your blog!Yes,I have been to Chicago twice,I love it their .Snow and wind!Joann

  4. Hi Joann,

    Thanks. Jojo is a non-allergenic dog that doesn't shed and I keep her clipped and groomed.

    To answer your question, selecting the right kind of tulips is key. The darwin and botanicals are the longest lasting and tend to come back year after year.

    Oh, yes, we have plenty of snow and wind and you're welcome to some of it.

  5. Nice dog. We have two cats at our place. What kind of dogs did you have as a kid growing up in the South?

  6. Funny you should ask, Muum. Collies were my all time favorite growing up.
    They are still one of my top faves in the dog kingdom but grooming them is a nightmare.

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. I love your blog very much, love the trees and different coloured leaves. I tried to make my own garden but fail miserably. I tried planting, few small soft stem plants. by thye way cute dog.

  8. What a sweetie :-)

    I have a dog too, and I adore him. I can't imagine life without him. Dogs are man's best friend, they say, and I couldn't agree more! :-)

  9. All the way from Malaysia, welcome aisyah and thank you for your lovely comments.

  10. My sentiments exactly, Eva. I've never been without a dog. I've had collies, beagles, german shepherds, shihtzu , and now my schnauzer. I've loved them all.

  11. Carolyn, George and I feel your pain! We hope you and JoJo enjoy this mild, sunny weekend.

  12. Hey, we had collies, too. I am sorry to say they didn't get a lot of grooming at our place, they were strictly an outdoor dog. We were very creative in naming them, one would be called Lassie, the next one Skippy, then back to Lassie.

  13. That Lassie name is much used and abused isn't it Muum ? My collie was Lucky and Laddie .

  14. Love the dog.

    Spring is almost here.

  15. Thanks, County Clerk. This weekend was a well deserved break from winter.

  16. My parents have a miniature schnauzer too and have had him since I was about 10. (He's about 15 years now). He's a wonderful 'little man' but very protective and a little eccentric.

    You cannot:
    Act scared in front of him, or he will take offence
    Look at him while he's in his basket
    Approach a vehicle with him in it

    You must:
    Walk him if he hears you say "walk"
    Give him company at dinner time or he will ignore his food
    Scratch his belly for hours on end

    Because my parents manage a vineyard, the little fellow has a big range. I thought that this was why he had such a big opinion of himself. I guess, now, that the breed always considers themselves the Big Dog. (Though in stature, they rarely are). Barkely (our dog) is only put off by cows and horses. Haha!

    I like your cute picture! I have one with Barko here.

  17. Very funny, alcifer. Thanks for visiting all the way from " down under. "

    Barko looks like Jojo's twin . Jojo loves a belly rub as well.

  18. Hi carolyn i stepped here from blogger's blog of note, really its very nice blog and the garden pics are real beauty of nature... feel like going there to see the nature from such a close diatance.. keep going with this

  19. funny how that "blogs of note" sends mega new viewers to a blog. I'm glad I stopped in and how wonderful to find a gardener who also loves her dog!

    gardening, writing, (dog) walking, photographing, and enjoying nature in Alberta


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