May 25, 2008


Viburnum Plicatum ' Mariesii '
( Notice my neighbor's Snowball viburnum in the background )

Many moons ago when I was young and naive I purchased a pathetic looking little plant for around $15 at the end of the season sell. Ignorance is bliss. As it turns out it became the focal point of my garden.

Marie has such lacy white blooms.

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille.

The shape of Mariesii is also spectacular.

Summer's about to pop in Chicago. Today was 80 degrees and it's been a long time coming. Four months ago I was in sunny Florida soaking up the sunshine. The older I get, the less patience I have with the long Chicago winters.

If I win the lottery I'm definitely moving South.


  1. that is lovely! I've not seen that variety yet.

  2. Hi Joyce,

    It's a very special variety. 'Doublefile' is one that is very similar to 'Mariesii. ' Both take patience until it matures to a spectacular size.

  3. hi carolyn! wow that is really pretty. im thinking maybe i need one with my middle name being maria and all. is it fragrant? I think my favorite thing about viburnums is the leaves. i think they are so interesting looking.

  4. 'Mariesii' was on my Illinois wishlist but I left and never did get to grow it. Yours is beautiful, and how nice to see one that's reached a good size... Queen Marie deserves a crown, Carolyn!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. sometimes ignorance is the best gardening companion!

  6. Your Mariesii looks fantastic! I've always liked them, but I've never had room for one & they are too gorgeous to crowd. Unlike you, I've been loving this cool weather & so have all my ephemerals.
    I'm one of those people who is too afraid to try Azaleas, but if I run across 'Poukhanenses,' I might have to go for it.

  7. Viburnums are such beautiful plants. I have an 'Onondaga' Viburnum that is starting to bloom and my Arrowwood Viburnum is not too far behind. I'll hopefully be posting pictures tonight if I get a chance.

  8. I first bought a "Mariesii' when we lived in our townhouse with tiny backyard. It too became "the" specimen plant. I liked it so much we now have two. I especially like the layered look of the shrub and of course the abundant flowers in spring and even the small second blooming in fall. This is definitely the favorite of the several different kinds of viburnum in our garden. Yours is definitely wonderful esp. next to the covered patio? and stepping stone path.

    I also had a snowball but took it out because it had a gangly look and the flower heads bent the longish branches, disturbing the look of the plant.

    I agree. But it's more to do with taxes in NJ than the weather. See you down south.

  9. It's not fragrant, Gina. You're right about the leaves being so beautiful Gina Marie.

    Wish someone would name a plant after me : )

  10. Yes, Annie, I agree, Marie needs a crown on all that glory.

  11. So true Melissa. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hi MMD,

    Thanks. Marie would be much bigger if I allowed her to. I judiously prune her right after she blooms which has kept her within bounds, otherwise she would be way too big for my small garden.

    Hope you run across a Poukhanese or Karen another beautiful hardy azalea and discover the rewards of growing them.

  13. Hi Laura,

    I love the unique color of Onondaga. I'll have to check yours out.

  14. Yes, Ki, it's right next to our covered patio and provides some welcome shade from the western sun.

    I didn't realize how big she'd get so I have to keep her in bounds with the pruners.

    My neighbors snowball looks quite good because she prunes it hard after it blooms.

    The taxes in New Jersey ? Can they be worse than Chicago ?

  15. A true beauty, Carolyn ... one of my favorites.

  16. HEy, Joey,

    Good to hear from you. Sorry I've not been able to visit recently. This is the time when we garden designers have got to do their thing.

  17. Oh I may have to get one of those! I love that 'layered' look they have. Yours is spectacular!

  18. Hello,
    how fabulous! does it have a strong scent to it?
    I love the lay out of your blog. Nice work. It feels welcoming.
    I need some tips from you...
    Well, at least I know where I'm coming back to when I need info for my garden. Thank you.
    I would like to share with you my blog as well. With all due respect.
    Hopefully, one day, it will be as nice as yours.

  19. I agree, the shape of this virburnum (all of it, the shape, the shape of the blooms, etc) are really a stand out.

  20. Hi Rosemarie and how are ya? I love, love, love my lovely Marie. Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Hello Carolyn - I'm so glad I found your blog & your wonderful post on Viburnum. We have 2 in our rambling garden in the cool Hills area above Adelaide in South Australia, but they've been rather neglected. Now you've given me the impetus to pay them some much-needed attention!
    Due to my work I have been a regular Thanksgiving weekend visitor to Chicago for nearly 20 years & just adore your City.
    I have tagged you today - please don't feel obligated to participate, but it would be lovely to learn more about you.
    From Millie in Australia ^_^

  22. Hi Millie and welcome from the Land Down Under.

    Glad to hear you love Chicago. It is indeed a great city.

    Thanks for tagging me.


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