June 18, 2008


My daughter Cathy is a floral designer and houseplant fanatic. At last count she had over a hundred indoor plants in her sunroom.

Now that she's a homeowner with a large front and backyard she's become a chip off the old block and spends a lot of time and money on her garden. I shot a few photos over the weekend.

Cotinus ' Royal Purple ' adds a spot of drama in the front garden

Clematis 'Roguchi' blooms from June-September
and graces the backyard pergola

Japanese knotweed adds some pizzazz to a corner

Jojo checks out the garden

Lance, a smooth coat Collie, is the garden dog in residence

Honeysuckle vine climbs over an arbor in the island bed

Martha Washington scented geranium

Some of the 100 housplants that summer outside


  1. Impressive. I've got a bout a dozen houseplants spending their summer outside including a couple trees.

    A Martha Washington scented geranium? What did Martha Washington smell like I wonder?

  2. I love the mix of colors and the lattice work. The bench under the arbor seems like it would be a wonderful place to sit once the honeysuckle grows over.

  3. She probably smelled like rose water, Jim. But how nice to have a geranium named after you, eh ?

  4. Thanks, PP, I agree. The honeysuckle has a very sweet fragrance.

  5. Your daughter has a lovely garden started. I'll bet mom has helped. I also summer my house plants by putting them outside in a lightly shaded area where I can keep an eye on them. They seem to really appreciate the fresh air and light.

  6. Carolyn, you must be delighted your daughter is a 'chip off the old block'. My son's garden resembles mine. I am honored that both he and his wife love designing their garden (it's a great spot to share) and both have developed great eyes. Although only 5 & 6, my grandboys think Mimi's garden (and my mac & cheese) is paradise! I have so enjoyed your sharing post.

  7. Thanks, Joey. I'm sure your mac'n'cheese is heavenly.

    Glad to hear your grandboys love your garden. I am awaiting my first grandchild this Fall and so I'm filled with great anticipation.

  8. Hi Beckie,

    Thanks. I didn't actually help with any of the design or plantings but I'm pleased to think that I was an influence : )

  9. So impressive. This is so inspiring.. Kayce

  10. What a lovely place your daughter has, Carolyn. And I love the look of the collie...never saw one like that before. Jojo and Lance get along okay, I trust?

  11. Thanks, Jodi. The smooth coat collie was made popular by Queen Victoria and is a very intelligent and lovable dog.

    Collies are so sweet and so Lance and his brother Joker ( my daughter has 2 smoothies ) treat Jojo very well.

  12. How gratifying to have a child love what you love, and do what you do! I have a few budding gardeners, too. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that beautiful clematis.

  13. Yes, she's definitely a chip off the old block. You must be very proud of her. Love the Roguchi.

  14. She IS a chip off the old block. So glad you can share gardening with her. Maybe I'll get to with my kids sometime too.~~Dee


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