July 8, 2008


Oenothera Speciosa
Pink Evening Primrose

Another impulse buy without much thought beforehand. Guess I was attracted by the fact that it blooms from " Spring through Summer with little or no care."

Not even a whisper about the dreaded 'I' word. Not until I did a little further digging did I find out, " it's a spreader ! " There should be a warning label on these plants : Aggressive. Can be INVASIVE.

plant I have to keep my eye on. Help ! I need a plant doctor to cure me of my weakness. But first, I must get rid of that ribbon grass. And then there's the Spiderwort, Cranesbill Geranium, and, oh yes, the Blackeyed Susans, to name a few.

Please tell me I'm not alone .


  1. You are not alone! I have cranesbill, several kinds, but so far, they have behaved. The spiderwort is about to get the heave-ho if I find one more seedling. The black-eyed Susan's that show up where I didn't plant them are pulled up like weeds, except for one patch that landed near the front steps and doesn't look too bad.

    But really, evening primrose? WHAT were you thinking!?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Alas, I wasn't , Carol. Good to know that I have good company : )

  3. My Geraniums have always be very well behaved. I wish I could say the same for the Lamium & the Asclepia syricaca. But I agree with Carol about the Evening Primrose - I wouldn't take it if they were giving it away.

  4. Carolyn, I always just see invasive plants as an excellent opportunity to share. With the understanding that it spreads fast, of course. Since I'm not a patient gardener, rapid growing and spreading plants delight me. :-) -Randy

    PS- I do have one exception. Four o'clocks. If I never see another one it will be too soon. :-)

  5. Hi randy and jamie,

    How's everything in your neck of the woods ? Thanks for stopping by.

    Four o'clocks, now there's a fond memory of my Alabama childhood. Guess I'm just addicted to spreaders :)

  6. I have a yellow evening primrose and I love it. It slowly moves out from the base. I have not had any trouble with it popping up in strange places. I do love your pink one better than mine, though.

  7. carolyn - that is so pretty that I'm not even sure I'd mind if it "spread"

  8. I forbid the removal of Blackeyed Susans.

    ((( Circle of Hugs )))

    Sherrie Roberts

    Jennifer nominated you for a great blog.

    What is your out look on Dum Cane and how best to grow.

  9. Hi jane marie,

    Trade you a pink for a yellow :) Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hi Sherrie,

    Thanks for visiting and I thank Jennifer for her nomination.

    Dum Cane or Dieffenbachia is an indoor house plant and I'm afraid that's where my expertise ends. My daughter has over 100 houseplants and I'm just starting to experiment with an indoor garden in the winter.


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