September 15, 2008


A bouquet of Korean Mums

Sweet Autumn Clematis , Limelight Hydrangea and Autumn Joy Sedum

Petunias still look good after a long, hot , dry August

Last of the Phlox and newly emerged Asters

The reason I like Coleus : good performer right up until frost

Good partners : Asters and Korean Mums

Little Leaf Hosta

Sweet Autumn clematis and long-blooming Limelight Hydrangea

After blooming all summer one lonely little Rudbeckia remains

Love the colors of Fall

Now go see what's blooming around the gardening world at Carol's Maydreamsgardens.


  1. I hope your garden survived all that rain this past weekend. We had mostly rain.

    You've got a lot of nice blooms, and a lot of life still in your Chicago garden. I'll have to look up those Korean mums to find out more about them.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. I love the colors of fall too. That Korean Mum is such a great color for setting off the blues and purples of the Asters. It seems like things in the ground did very well this year with all the rain earlier and now. It's those container plants that had the hardest time. Your Petunias look great despite the terrible August weather.

  3. The limelight hydrangea and sweet autumn clematis is a lovely combination, Carolyn - and yay for fall asters - Happy Blooming Day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Hi Carolyn, your garden looks so lovely and peaceful, and you've got so many beautiful things blooming.

    I love sweet autumn clematis, love the bright pink and yellow of the Korean mums. Limelight looks gorgeous. Beautiful Bloom Day post!

  5. I am going to agree with MMD and Carol the Korean Mums are lovely. I really like your garden combinations, the Limelight Hydrangea with Sweet Autumn Clem, The mums and asters....all good ideas!
    Thank you for a lovely tour of your garden. Have you by chaance noticed how beautiful the Autumn Joy (and related sedums) have been this year?


  6. Your garden is looking beautiful despite all the rain. We didn't have quite the deluge you did, but I still have some flowers flopping over.
    I love the combination of the sweet autumn clematis, the hydrangea, and the sedum. I like coleus, too; I'm beginning to appreciate more and more those plants that last through the fall.

  7. Our asters aren't in bloom yet in Austin, but the sweet Autumn clematis is. Yours is beautiful, and it looks great with that Limelight hydrangea.

  8. How beautiful your garden is. Definitely worthy of a magazine article with full photo spread. Sigh...I do love the cool colors as well.

  9. Thank you all for visiting and for your lovely comments.


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