October 31, 2008



Let us go and gather grapes in the vineyard for the winepress and keep the wine in old vases as the spirit keeps knowledge of the ages in eternal vessels.

Let us return to our dwelling for the wind has caused the yellow leaves to fall and shroud the withering flowers that whisper elegy to Summer.

Come home, my eternal sweetheart for the birds have made pilgrimage
to warmth
and lest the chilled prairies suffering pangs of solitude.

The jasmine and myrtle have no more tears. Let us retreat for the tired brook has ceased its song and the bubblesome springs are drained of their copious weeping and their cautious old hills have stored away their colorful garments.

Come, my beloved. Nature is just weary and is bidding her enthusiasm farewell
with quiet and contented melody .

-Khalil Gibran


  1. Like nature I have put away my summer clothes and it is time for a rest. AAahhhhhhh.

    I have my post up too Carolyn. I wonder if you noticed that you wrote bloom instead of muse in your title. ?? I bet you didn't mean to do that. Just wanted to let you know in case you want to change it. You can edit my post if you want and take this gentle reminder off.

  2. Hi Carolyn - we're having a vintage autumn on this side of the pond this year.

    I have a little Robert Frost to offer everyone today.

    Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  3. Carolyn, This is a beautiful piece and a bit lighter in tone than the poem I put up - along with a very long story about why it means so much to me. Part of what makes my posting so long is the additional poems I added.

  4. The last few days have been much cooler than normal, and that has put me in a real autumn mood. This month brings my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, a time to be with family without all of the commercialism associated with other holidays.
    Thanks for hosting GBMD

    Always Growing

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I knew that was gonna happen sooner or later! I've written my retraction :-)

  6. Hi VP,

    Love Robert Frost. Thanks for joining Muse Day.

  7. A lovely poem--now that most of the gardening work is done, it is indeed time to take a rest!

    Thanks for hosting Muse Day; I always enjoy it. I've posted my choice for the month, but I combined it with another theme about fall color. Hope you don't mind.

  8. I always seem to forget about muse day but loved your post, Carolyn. Happy November (I love this month for many reasons).

  9. Hello Carolyn,

    Ive put up a Walter de la Mare poem for GBMD


  10. Nature is just weary and is bidding her enthusiasm farewell
    with quiet and contented melody.

    Isn't that just the most lovely line of prose? Beautiful poem to accompany a beautiful photo. Happy November!

    My GBMD post is also up.

  11. Carolyn, It's November 1st! Amazing, but beautiful. Re: your poem, Perhaps everyone is ready to put their feet up?

    My Muse Day post us up. :-) Have a great day!

  12. Carolyn, May I put your Muse Day photo on my sidebar with a link here?

  13. Hi Carolyn Gail. Fall brings out some great poetry, doesn't it? I've posted my contribution to GBMD... http://maydreamsgardens.blogspot.com/2008/11/its-still-beautiful-world.html

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  14. Happy November to you as well, Nancy and thank you for your lovely comments and contribution to Muse Day.

  15. Thanks to everyone for adding your special touch to Garden Bloggers' Muse Day. I'll be over to visit your garden and read your poetry.

  16. I love Kahlil Gibran's poetry.
    I nearly forgot about Muse Day. I've finally got mine posted: http://tinyurl.com/6os39n.

  17. Be sure to go to my poetry page to see my contribution to Bloggers' Muse Day. By tihe way, I love Gibran.

  18. Hi Carolyn,

    I love this piece of musing. Very appropos. I put up my Must Day post too if you'd like to come by and visit.~~Dee

  19. Hi - See my first muse day contribution at http://patientgardener.wordpress.com/2008/11/02/garden-bloogers-muse-day-nov-1/
    Sorry its abit late I hadnt twigged it was meant to be on the 1st of the month.

  20. Beautiful Carolyn Gail...he was an elegant writer. Gail

  21. Love the picture with this post Carolyn! The WWWs have a Nov. GBMD post up. --Curmudgeon


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