January 14, 2009

IT'S HOT IN CHICAGO............

That is if you live in Fargo, North Dakota where it's 18 below zero ! Thanks to our Canadian friends we are going to be in the deep freeze this week with predictions of -10 on Thursday. And snow, more snow, to add to the mix.

I've been working at the easel and Jojo's been keeping watch on the front since we're both snowbound.

Window on Jojo's World
Acrylic on canvas by yours truly

What Jojo sees from the window
( not counting dogs passing by )

View from the backporch
( Note the garage top garden in the background )

Notice the depth of snow atop the pergola
and my hanging baskets filled with the white stuff

Just one question for Al Gore : " Where's the global warming you've been talking about ? " Please send some up here to us in Chicago.


  1. Nice painting my friend and so appropriate considering your snowbound circumstances. You probably feel a little like Jojo too.~~Dee

  2. Hi Carolyn Gail, you do have our sympathies for your weather, we are forecast for single digits starting tomorrow night, which as you know is quite killer for the plants with no snow cover to keep them toasty. I do love you art, what a wonderful way to help get through these frigid times. Do stay warm, my friend.

  3. Ugh, all of this cold weather is closing schools around here. You should have seen the fiasco going on over at my house earlier. I think I'm leaving the mail in our mailbox tomorrow!

  4. Global warming! Our exact words looking out windows and racing into cars whose heat doesn't seem to warm in these frigid temps. But spring will come, dear Carolyn, it always does :)

  5. That painting is awesome! I don't have the talent to be able to do something like that.

    It is currently 0 degrees and fair in my town in Nebraska, and I'm thinking, "So what if it's fair, it's COLD!" I am so ready for spring to get here! It is staying light out longer, so that's good. At work today, I said I like January better than November, and someone looked at me, like, "What?" I explained, in January it's almost March, and in November, it's almost January. Does that make sense?

    I'm sorry you have such trouble with your skin. It's good to get a diagnosis, yet it's frequently hard to live with what the diagnosis is. My 27 year old daughter has had severe eczema for a number of years, and should have been sent for allergy tests a long time ago. She recently found out she is allergic to wheat, soy, and peanuts. It's been very rough on her, and she has eaten the forbidden foods a few times and had bad break outs.

    Take care, and I hope spring gets here soon. Did I say that already?


  6. It is headed our way. Single digits predicted for Friday night!

  7. It sounds like you need another Florida vacation! That is quite the wintry landscape, and yet quietly scenic. What a cute painting of JoJo.

  8. I love the painting of Jojo. It perfectly captures the mood of a little dog guarding the street from maurading dogs & letter carriers. This winter is a throwback to those amazing winters we had in the late 70s. Where are those people who had been complaining in recent years that we haven't had a "real Chicago winter" in a long time. I hope this shuts them up. I do not have fond memories of -27 or of -24 on Christmas Eve.

  9. Thank you all for cheering me up my friends. Yes, I hope that someday soon we'll be complaining about hot weather?!


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