June 13, 2009

Did You Know that Robins can Read ?

The wreath is fake but the Robin and its nest are real.

This is just too funny and cute for words. My neighbor Ceci has a wreath on her front porch and this Robin apparently read the "Welcome Friends " sign.

She made herself at home and laid three beautiful blue eggs.

After having a Robin and her young brood make themselves at home in my pergola I'm convinced that these birds are social creatures unafraid of humans.


  1. Carolyn, I agree with you. Robins sometimes make their nests in the most unseemly locations! (As in your friend's wreath, where you hate to use the front door!) :-) Cute post - beautiful eggs.

  2. This made my day! Thank you.

  3. Wonderful post! I hope you get photos of the babies!

  4. That is hilarious.

    MrBrownThumb @ Chicago Garden


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