June 1, 2009


Welcome, June ! I used to have a Chinese wisteria standard ( shown above ) but last year I had to dig it up and move it to another location. Unfortunately it didn't make it.

This Spring I noticed a vine winding its way up my fence from my neighbor's yard. When I looked closely I saw that it was the Wisteria that had sent up a shoot from its root. Instead of staying on that side of the fence it had come home.

I love wisteria and last year I planted the American variety which is more reliable -Kentucky blue moon. I'm happy to report that it has two fat flower buds on it right now.

It's raining again in Chicago. This is the rainiest Spring since the 1920's. We are due for some nice warm sunshine.


  1. Very cute about your wisteria making its way home again. I guess it knows where the good life is....in your garden. My GB Muse Day post is up. I was an early bird this morning.

  2. Thank you so much for your hospitality in inviting us into your garden and your home, Carolyn Gail! Spring Fling weekend was one I won't soon forget, but the best part was meeting so many garden bloggers! Your garden was so beautiful. The orange perfection iris was so stunning that I took a photo of it myself before I saw that you have it featured below. My friend Beckie and I haven't stopped talking about the lunch at Andie's--what a fabulous place! And thank you for opening your lovely home to us; this time of year, my house doesn't get much attention:)

    My Garden Muse Day post is up--it wasn't hard to think of an appropriate reference today.

  3. Hello Carolyn - your wisteria is amazing! It's such a beautiful vine. There's a house (currently for sale) in the middle of town...an old Victorian with the traditional front verandah, and it is *draped* in wisteria vine. I must try to post a photo of it while it's in bloom. My GBMD post is up here: http://tinyurl.com/ntgwlj Happy June, my favourite month, I think. :-)

  4. Good Morning Carolyn, I'm so glad your wisteria has started to come back...how wonderful! Your new one sounds beautiful too. Show us a photo when the buds open;-)

    I have a post for today:


  5. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks again for opening your home to us last weekend! Your garden (and house) are beautiful! Here's my post:

  6. Carolyn, I have found that you just can't kill wisteria. I am glad yours has made a return.
    My GBMD post is up now.

    Always Growing

  7. How funny...it found its way back! Great photo

  8. Nothing quite like a faithful friend Carolyn :) The colour of the wisteria really complements the plaque on the fence and vice versa. I do hope that the rain lets up soon and that you see the sun. My GBMD post is now up.

  9. love the wisteria story. We have some that kept coming up and I'd chop it down. finally left it grow, and it has bloomed for the last 3 years. lovely!!

  10. Dear Carolyn Gail, I loved visiting your garden and want to be sure you know how very much I appreciated your delightful hospitality, your garden and your lovely home. Those puppies were pretty cool, too! Like Rose and Beckie...I thought Andies was perfect. it's now on our list of restaurants to visit the next time we are in town. Have a delightful week in your garden and with your granddaughter. Thank you! gail

  11. Thank you all for your comments and for joining GBMD.

    Glad all you CSF visitors enjoyed your visit.


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