June 26, 2009

Two New Additions to the Garden

Phlox paniculata ' pink flame '

Gaillardia 'goblin '

I love the dwarf perennials which I can put to use in the middle and front garden beds. A few days ago I discovered dwarf forms of two of my favorites , shown above.

The pink flame phlox is fragrant, mildew resistant, blooms from July-September and grows only 15 inches tall.

The goblin blanket flower reaches only 12 inches, blooms sporadically until frost, tolerates heat, poor soils and dry conditions.

Since I have a small urban garden it is important to have flowers that have a long bloom time and these two new additions certainly fit the bill.


  1. I love both! I want to add gaillardia to the garden next year

  2. I like them both too! Gaillardias are great bloomers.

  3. I love anything that blooms a long time--these will certainly add some color to your garden! Thanks for the recent tip about the "Karen" azalea. I've been hesitant to plant an azalea, though I love them. I'll be on the lookout for this one.


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