July 2, 2009

Country in the City

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It was but a small patch next to the sidewalk but it caught my artist eye with it's beautiful country meadow flowers of poppies, cornflowers, and baby's breath .

I can't wait to get out my paint and brushes and try to capture the beauty of these wildflowers growing smack dab in the middle of the city. A cornflower grows in Chicago.


  1. Beautiful. I did a wildflower garden down by our road and love it. It is still "coming up" and not all filled in, but I have really enjoyed it. They are so pretty, I have many of these same flowers.

  2. I love wildflowers ma, but my favorites is cosmos. See ya soon!


  3. Hi Carolyn - what a great collage and lovely to see another urban area has the courage to have wild flowers. By coincidence I've written on this topic this week :)

    I have a quarterly meme called Out on the Streets where participants show the public planting in their neighbourhood - can I add a link to this post as part of my wrap-up post in a couple of days time?

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I'd be happy, VP , to have you add a link to this post. I'll be over to check out your meme.

  5. That's great, thank you :)

    Have a great holiday weekend!


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