July 19, 2009


Something strange is afoot at Sweet Garden Chicago

First it was the Clara Curtis mum that bloomed the earliest ever. Now comes another surprise : the Hibiscus syricus is one month early, another record.

To top it off, Magnolia Betty has decided it's time to bloom :

Good grief, I am seriously beginning to wonder what Fall will look like.


  1. I'll take a hibiscus bloom any time of the year. What a gorgeous color. I'll take one of those cute puppy dogs, too. Looks like you woke him up for the photo.

  2. Yeah ma, this has got to be the coolest July weather since I can remember. Jojo is a funny girl.


  3. Does the Hibiscus syricus really bloom in August? Why have I never noticed that before? I noticed the ones planted by a neighbor started blooming last week and I thought they were LATE.

    Learned something new.

  4. That's the usual time it makes it appearance in my garden, MBT.

    As mentioned, I've observed several plants blooming earlier than usual.

  5. I have goldenrods blooming early this year. Your dog is a cutie, and the hibiscus is pretty. I hope it has lots of buds on it.

  6. Carolyn, I've got the same thing going on. Mums about ready to bloom, fall anemones blooming way earlier than usual, asters also about to bloom, yet the annuals have just not grown at all, never mind bloom yet.

    This all wreaks havoc on my plans for my garden which is in a garden walk on Sunday. I'm ready to stop stressing and have the attitude that "it is what it is" and go sit down and have a Diet Mountain Dew.

    This is kinda nuts, isn't it?


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