July 27, 2009

What's a Pond without a Frog?

I love frogs. As a child I'd listen to the music of their singing on a hot summer night in Alabama. My younger sister Linda and I used to pick them up and play with them even though the grown-ups would warn us that we'd get warts.

Alas Chicago is too cold for frogs to survive in the pond so when I saw this cool looking copper frog bird bath I had to have it. The birds love it too because the pond is too deep for them to drink from and there's no landing pad.

That's the Plume Poppy in full leaf. I think it adds an exotic look to the pond area, not to mention some welcomed shade for the goldfish.


  1. What a cute frog! Your pond is really pretty.

  2. Yes, that is a cute frog! A friend of mine was going to give me some plume poppy, but I was afraid to plant it because I read it can be invasive. Is yours spready? Does it stay pulled if you don't want it where it's spreading to?


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