August 1, 2009


August Sun by Moi

The brilliant poppy flaunts her head

amidst the ripening grain

and adds her voice to sell the song

That August is here again.

-Helen Windslow


  1. A beautiful image, and rich words. The rain has stopped for the moment and I can believe in the sun and ripe grain. My post is up.

  2. What a lovely painting! And just the right poem to echo its theme. Just wish I had a few poppies here:) My Muse Day post is up as well.

  3. Hi Carolyn
    I love the vibrancy of the colours in your picture.
    My GBMD post is here

  4. Lovely Ma! The painting is beautiful.


  5. OH, I forgot to come and report in, I have a poem about zucchini, and a recipe, too. love your painting. Hard to believe it is August already.

  6. Looks like my comment last night didn't make it in - there was an error message when I posted it, but couldn't check whether Blogger had let it through anyway :(

    I love the painting it reminds me of the vast fields of poppies we saw on holiday.

    I've chosen to muse about weeds this month - one of our best garden writers, Anna Pavord sums up exactly what's been going on in my plot this year!

    You'll find it here...

    Happy Muse Day everyone :)

  7. Thanks to you all for joining GBMD.

    Can't wait to visit and enjoy your musings for today.

  8. A beautiful painting and the words are perfect. I thought perhaps you'd penned them! :-) My muse is late, but it's finally up.

  9. Beautiful painting Carolyn! I greatly admire your artistic talent.

    It's hard to believe it's August already.

  10. Wonderful painting and a great way to begin the month. May have to check out the diet book as I am in the zone age and weight wise. Can't lose any years but maybe a few pounds?!

  11. Carolyn, I've changed my post. I felt it was toooooo "serious." SG

  12. How did it come to be August again already, Carolyn? Weren't we all just anguishing our way through winter? Your painting is wonderful, and the poem goes with it perfectly.


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