October 4, 2009

Can You Ever Have Too Many Greenbeans?

Ceci's greenbeans

Nah. Can't have too many greenbeans. Love them everywhichaway. We Southerners tend to cook everything to death, including green beans, smothered with bacon grease. Yum.

My good neighbor Ceci planted her bean stalk and it found its way to my side of the trellis. Finders keepers. So far I've collected several large bags of beans.

Green beans seldom show up in Asian cuisine but the Chinese have quite a few good recipes. I made a mess of them last night using soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seed. I cooked them for only 7 minutes and they were both tender and crunchy.

Think I'll make me a big pot of Brunswick Stew for supper. In addition to green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and corn the recipe calls for a squirrel and a rabbit. Maybe that rascally rabbit that has been nibbling on my plants in the frontyard and the squirrel that made off with one of my juicy pears.


  1. Hi Carolyn Gail, you are so lucky, and yes to finders keepers! You can have too many tomatoes, too many squash, too many cucumbers, too much basil, but there is no such thing as too many green beans. With bacon grease. Oh baby! :-) Your Asian method sounds delicious, and way healthier. HA

  2. Lucky you being able to enjoy the bounty of Ceci's bean vines Carolyn! Your recipe sounds delicious. I love sesame oil.

    I'd like to make a big pot of Brunswick Stew with the rodents that have have been decimating my garden the past couple of weeks too.

  3. Hey Ms. Tennessee. Yep, bacon grease sure isn't healthy but it is tasty. Your fellow Tennesean, Dolly Parton once said she instructed her cook to fry up a bunch of bacon and drain the grease in a jar. She took the jar and poured it in a bowl and proceeded to dunk her biscuit in it. The cook couldn't believe her eyes.

  4. Oh the fragrance of sesame oil when its cooking is beyond description. Tastes good and is good for ya.

    Those nasty tree rats have a full crop of acorns from my neighbors oak tree and they're digging up my garden to store them for the winter. I've gotta start letting Jojo out in the frontyard more often. Nothing she enjoys more than chasing them.

  5. Yum, green beans! My pole beans have been going gangbusters all summer. They just won't quit. I got the seed when I was in Chicago, so maybe it is the same variety your neighbor is growing? But I'm careful to not let mine get into the neighbor's yard, so I can have them all!

  6. What are you doing with all those beans, Carol? Do you can any at all?

    I don't know what variety the green beans are but they are going gangbusters as well.

  7. finder's keepers~ that makes me laugh.
    I posted a recipe for dilly beans once. You aught to try them!

  8. Hi Sandi,

    I have tried dilly beans. Love their spicy, tart flavor.

  9. I, too, love fresh green beans, right of the stalk. The sesamed green beans sounds declicious.

  10. Green beans...good stuff...here in rural south central Virginia we're partial to "muddle" ... similar to Brunswick Stew, only thicker...you're making my mouth water. Wild critters think all those yummy veggies and fruit are there just for them...when we lived in Florida there were "fruit rats" that, in the evening, would run up and down the electric wires (at the back of the house), they'd jump off on orange, lemon and grapefruit trees to devour the fruit...I'd never seen anything like it...the running up and down the electric wires...course the squirrels did it too *smile*

  11. I hope to plant some climbing beans next year. Maybe the rabbits won't bother them as much.


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