October 27, 2009


In this very politically correct culture of ours who in their right minds would produce a repugnant, racist commercial to sell their products ? Quiznos, that's who. When I first saw the commercial I was appalled, but apparently I am not alone. It's all over the net and on Youtube.

The second Youtube video is very suggestive and in my opinion not fit for a young viewer.

Quiznos has got my " Irish " up and this Appalachian American is going after them full blast. That Ad agency is going to get an earful from me. I don't get it. What does a hot tub have to do with a sandwich ? Are you people clueless ? Whatever happened to making food appetizing so that potential customer want to eat it ?

In the meanwhile, Momma says " Eat at Jimmy Johns. "


  1. I'm with you. This is a real gross ad.

  2. I have never liked Quiznos ads Carolyn. Some of them are just plain annoying, and others are just plain despicable. The way I see it, their ad agency should be fired, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I actually used to enjoy their sandwiches occasionally, but their ads have become such a turnoff I haven't gotten one in years.

  3. Hi Carolyn, Just want too say "What's the point?" If I ate one of those sandwiches, would I end up in a tub with some fellow or gal out in the yard? Or get excited over a talking oven? Some people are really stretching...

    (And why Two fellows in the tub together??) dunno.

  4. Some ads go to far all in the name of getting attention to their product. Sure wouldn't make me want Quiznos.


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