November 2, 2009

Green Tomato Time

This is what was left of the tomatoes

Good thing I made a photo because these are long gone.

Goodness gracious I never expected to see grits or fried green tomatoes go gourmet but they have. They've made the fried green tomatoes healthier by using olive or vegetable oil , That's where I draw the line. Gotta have that taste of bacon fat. Yum. And I add a little drop or two of tobasco sauce to pep up the flavor. I don't eat a lot of junk food so I guess this is one time of the year that I can indulge my quaint taste.

I didn't grow the regular or large tomatoes this year so I'm making little bite size tomato sliders. They look like something out of Martha Stewart's appetizer cookbook.

I miss the thick large slices of green tomatoes so I am already formulating my plans for a little veggie plot for next year.


  1. There used to be a little restaurant fasioned from an old depot beside the railroad tracks in Meigs (rhymes with Eggs) GA. When I had occasion to lunch there, I always thought, "I'm having Fried Green Tomatoes at a Whistle Stop Cafe."

  2. Fried green tomatoes look great at your house. Better than Martha Stewart.

  3. Yum Carolyn - they look delicious! Bacon (or bacon fat) tastes good with just about anything!

    I once made the Lawn Man bacon-chocolate chip cookies. Sounds weird, but oh my, were they good!

  4. We were at a seafood restaurant in Florida last week (Michael indulged me because he won't touch anything from the sea). The only thing on the menu he would eat was Green Tomato Salad. He said it was delicious.


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