November 10, 2009


From my kitchen window overlooking the garden :

Feb. '97 Blizzard

I've always felt that climate change was a natural occurrence and that warmer is actually better. Global warming? Ha ! Digging out of many Chicago blizzards I used to ask aloud , " Al, where's that global warming you've been promising us ?

Now comes Dennis Byrne, Chicago Tribune columnist, who says that the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC) study by the climate alarmists is most likely manipulated for political reasons and is full of flaws. Chicago-based Heartland Institute has published the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change ( NIPCC ) Climate Change Reconsidered that checks the work of fellow scientists to see if it stands up to a rigorous review of available research, data and conclusions.

" What they found was stunning, " Byrne said. " For example, the IPCC claimed that " most of the observed increases in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely ( at least 90 percent certain) due to the increase in anthropogenic ( man-made) greenhouse gas concentrations ". Wrong; the opposite is true. Blame it on natural causes, the NIPCC said. Told you, Al !

And I like this one even better : " The IPCC claims that global warming will wreck humanity and the Earth. Wrong. The NIPCC concludes--using the data and science available - that a 'warmer world would be a safer and healthier world for humans and wildlife alike . '

Mr. Byrne concludes with " Beware of any "science" that claims to fully describe in single theory any phenomenon as complex as global climate change.

Thank you Mr. Byrne and the IPCC. I , too, believe that the global warming alarmist are politically and financially motivated . Must be nice to fly around in your own private jet, collect money and donations, appear in magazines and on television and make movies that bring in loads of money.

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  1. Carolyn,

    I respectfully disagree that global warming is not occuring. Just go to Glacier National Park and see how quickly the glaciers are disappearing. We honeymooned there in 1977 and did a return trip last August. The change in the glaciers in 32 years is alarming.

  2. Again, Joan, not due to global warming. In an article titled Receding Glacier Park Ice Not Due to Global Warming by James M. Taylor, Senior fellow of the Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment and Climate News, points out that the temperature history for the area, dating back to 1896 showed that temperatures peaked in the 1930's and have been in a long term cooling trend since then. Temperatures today are below the 100 year average. He goes on to say that regional land use changes may be affecting the glaciers at Glacier National Park.

    You can read the entire article at

  3. Carolyn, I think there are lots of good reasons for us to question our life style but I am not convinced about global warming. The only thing that is certain is that there will be changes and uncertainties but that has always been part of life. It wasn't that long ago that we were told we were heading for the next ice age!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


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