December 14, 2009

It's May in December at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago

The First of May by Moi

After a few days of bitter cold you know there's nothing blooming outside this 15th of December. That doesn't stop me from dreaming about Summer so I took up my brush and created a wildflower meadow full of colorful blooms. I imagine myself in the merry month of May walking in the lovely meadow with the warm sunshine beaming down on my face.

Dreaming about the garden in May is just one way I pass the long, cold Chicago winter.

Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens , the originator of our Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. She just might be hoeing her indoor garden with her teeny tiny hoe.


  1. Your watercolor is lovely. I wish I could do that, but I'm happy to enjoy the art of others.

    You link on Carol's Bloom Day site doesn't work. I came 'round by way of Blotanical, determined to find you.

  2. Thanks, Nell Jean. That's not a watercolor, it's acrylic.

    I've corrected the link to Carol's site. Thanks for tipping me off. Typo!

  3. Ah,I'm glad Nell Jean let you know this, Carolyn. I was just heading your way to tell you too, as I was opening from an older version of Carol's bloomday post.
    I like the painting too, very much. We gotta bear down now and help each other through the epatoozies (best. description. ever!), which are now threatening to be doozies here.

  4. Actually, Carolyn, I just refreshed Carol's page and there's still an error in your link; there's an extra colon after http//: Now, since my sigmoidectomy was a year ago today, I could USE a spare half-colon. Groooooannnnnn.

  5. Thanks, Jodi. I clicked on the link in my post and it went directly to Carol's blog.

    And they say we Southerners like corn pone; argggh!

  6. Another beautiful painting Carolyn! Such talent you have. I can imagine how dreaming up such a lovely, colorful meadow can you get through our cold, sometimes gloomy Chicago winters. At least the sun is shining today!

  7. When I saw your title on my blogroll, Carolyn, I thought Chicago might have been hit by a heat wave:) Yes, this is the best way to spend a cold winter's day--dreaming of spring. Lovely painting!

  8. What a beautiful painting Carolyn.


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