January 10, 2010


A few days ago I wrote a post on a scraper in Istanbul who was stealing blog content of mine and Cameron of Defining Your Garden and what steps I took to try and stop it.

Cameron notified both google and Home Depot . She wrote me that the site had been taken down. When I attempted to log on to the Home Depot Garden. Net site it took me directly to the real Home Depot.

Cameron also gave me some good advice which I will pass along to my fellow bloggers : Add written by at the end of your post with a hyperlink back to your blog to prevent theft.

Yah! Victory is sweet!

Written by Carolyngail


  1. I get 'written by' but what is a hyperlink? Forgive my ignorance. Thank you for this!!

  2. You and Cameron are all kinds of awesome, Carolyn! But then I may have mentioned that a time or two before. Well done, girls. Well done indeed!

  3. Hey Carol,

    There's a little green icon when you're creating a post that allows you to make the hyperlink. Type your name then click on the icon and type in your blog address and this will create the hyperlink back to your blog.

  4. Thanks, Jodi. We never get tired of hearing how awesome we are :-)

    Don't mess with garden bloggers, Home Depot or SOS ( Sassy Old Southerners ) !

  5. Congrats Carolyn!

    I contacted you about them after I noticed them coming up because I have a Google Alert for my blog "Chicago Garden" and yours came up.

    There is something really interesting going on here. The site is still up but the content had been removed and it is now redirecting to the HD website. I don't know if the original registrar is doing the redirect himself or if he's being forced to do it by his host/registrar, but it is being done.

    If other garden blogger would like "instructions" on how to request that their content be taken down from sites there are a couple of posts with tips on Garden Bloggers that people could follow.

  6. Hooray! One is down! Thank you for the tip about a hyperlink!

  7. Carolyn, I'm so oblivious... or something. How would you know someone was taking/reusing some of your materials? I've taken your hint about placing the return link on the bottom of the posts...

  8. Hey Shady,

    Mr. Brown Thumb has a blog called Chicago Gardeners of which I am one. He had a Google Alert that tracks someone stealing blog content. He has instructions on the blog so visit Http://www.chicagogardeners.blogspot.com and check them out.

  9. You rock Carolyn! Thanks for the tips, and congratulations on scrapping the scrapper.

  10. We won -- and it took some info/efforts from a number of folks. Thanks for the first heads up on the theft. I did a wrap-up post today.


  11. Yahoo! Another bad person goes down. Hope he/she stays down too.


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