March 30, 2010


Such a beautiful day in Chicago with temps in the 70's and I was out strolling with my granddaughter Lea but what did affront my sensitive eyes but the following  which I refer to as "tree /houses " :

Hello , there's a house in there somewhere !

A good wind and I'll take out those stairs

Help!  I'm being eaten by a tree !

Not one, but two huge trees in this tiny yard.  Is that a house I see peeking out ?

Come any closer and I'll shoot !

What were they thinking?

Yes, people, it's actually growing into the foundation.

If someone gives you a Spruce or suggests that you plant one in your tiny urban yard, front or back, they need their head examined.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago
All rights reserved


  1. I am often surprised by the pictures of large trees close to houses in the US - here they would be felled before they got to a fraction of the size. Here there is a fear of trees damaging foundations but I love your trees and would welcome them in my garden, though not the examples you show above!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  2. Good morning Carolyngail, How sad for the trees and the houses! Also sad that it's so expensive to undo this kind of mistake!

  3. Yikes! Not attractive, and definitely not good for the foundation or basement having those large trees so close to the house.

  4. HA! Great post! I notice this type of thing all over my area (central Illinois). I got rid of a crazy overgrown tree in my yard a year ago and a neighbor was devastated I would ever take down "such a beautiful mature tree". Yeah, you do the cleanup and deal with the roots and see if it changes your mind. lol!


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