May 26, 2010

Faith, Hope and Wisdom in the Garden : The Iris

Dating back to Ancient Greece the Goddess Iris was the messenger of the gods and acted as the link between heaven and earth.  Purple irises were planted on the graves of women to summon her to guide the dead on their journey

Today irises are beloved in gardens all over the world and are found growing in the wild.  From the Greek word " rainbow " they symbolize faith, hope and wisdom.

I observed irises of many different colors and varieties in my walk around the neighborhood yesterday. It seems the most common colors are purple and yellow.  My favorite is still the one passed down to me, an heirloom, circa 1909,  named 'Lorelei ' ,   pictured below .

Irises spread rather easily and from one small clump I now have them throughout my garden where they are putting on a splendid show .

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Sweet 'Lorelei ' is a beauty! Very informative.

  2. Oh man,'re taunting me with that gorgeous orange iris of yours and 'Lorelei' too. I seriously need them.


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